C’Chartres Football concedes a draw (1-1) at the end of the match against Blois (N2)

A working match as the coaches appreciate. All the conditions were almost met for a football match in front of 300 spectators stuck in their chairs, except maybe a lawn a little too high according to Jean-Pierre Papin. Regardless, its players will have to get used to playing on different types of terrain.

C’Chartres Football faces Blois, in a friendly

Faced with Blésois who had taken the option of changing all the players at the break, the coach from Chartres made his changes after the break during which he recalled some fundamentals.

Persico, scorer of the first goal of the season

On the finish in particular. His attackers lacked realism in the first period. Chartres had at least four good opportunities to deceive the Blés keeper.

The first Chartres goal of this new season is the work of the top scorer of the previous one. Sébastien Persico, very well served by Sekou Fofana, adjusted a volley to the Papin (1-0, 53 ‘).

The reaction of Jean-Pierre Papin, the CCF coach:

The end of the match was a little harder for the Chartrains who conceded a free kick at the entrance to the area after a foul by Fofana. Raku deceived, on the ground, Pierre Cabart, the second goalkeeper of the CCF.

Numerous health precautions around the friendly Blois – Chartres

Hervé Paraut


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