C’Chartres Football: Yannick Mamilonne is leaving, Amadi Konaté is coming

A departure and an arrival, the National 2 workforce of C’Chartres Football underwent alterations at the end of November.

First of all, Yannick Mamilonne leaves the Eurelian club on an amicable termination of his contract. The 29-year-old striker, hoped to be one of the flagship recruits of the summer with his 59 Ligue 2 matches on the clock, will not have played a single official match with Chartres.

Victim of a big muscle tear in the thigh during a preparation meeting against Châteauroux, on July 30, he had been away from the field for more than two months before resuming training without succeeding in finding his place in the collective of Jean-Pierre Papin.

premium Yannick Mamilonne new C’Chartres Football striker

In the other direction, the Eurelian club has formalized the return of Amadi Konaté, who had worn the chartrain jersey for two seasons, from 2018 to 2020, under the era of coach Jean-Guy Wallemme. The small-sized midfielder, but with a large volume of play, arrives from the Entente Sannois-Saint-Gratien with whom he has been tenured nine times in N2 this season.

Ludwig Lahaye more in the group
Maintenonnais Ludwig Lahaye, who joined C’Chartres Football’s N2 group at the start of the season, is no longer part of it. It is the consequence of a financial disagreement with the leaders of the club. The 29-year-old midfielder should however remain at the CCF and resume in January, with the reserve team, in National 3.

Franck Thébault


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