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CCTV images show the man hand in hand with a "kidnapped" young girl

The police have released CCTV images of a man hand in hand with a "kidnapped" young girl.

The child, who is between three and five years old, is believed to have disappeared Monday around 3:30 pm from the Churchill Square Shopping Center in Brighton, causing a huge search operation.

Sussex Police has released CCTV images of a man with a long green parka and a kid with a pink jacket and jeans, hoping that family and friends can identify the couple and clarify what happened.

The police have released CCTV images of a man who is hand in hand with a "kidnapped" young girl (photo: Sussex Police).
Police have posted CCTV images of a man wearing a long green parka and the child to identify the couple (Photo: Sussex Police).

However, the troupe said that they had received no reports of a missing child.

It was claimed that a man picked up the child and left.

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He is believed to have picked her up near Ladbrokes bookies, and she shouted, "Stranger, stranger."

Over 400 taxi drivers have been warned that a man between the ages of 70 and 75 may be involved, and anyone with information should call 999, reports The Argus.

Superintendent James Collis said, "After all our inquiries, we believe that the man and child in this picture are the ones our original caller refers to.

Brighton is chasing after a missing girl (Image: Eddie Mitchell)
However, the Sussex police can not confirm if a child was kidnapped (Image: Eddie Mitchell).

Active investigation is ongoing, but we are also considering the possibility that the man and the child are family members or at least know each other, and that the caller misinterpreted what he saw, but still acted in absolutely good faith.

If you are this man, family member, or friend who has information about this incident, please contact us as soon as possible by calling 101, indicating Operation Boxworth, so that we can meet and confirm you, that everything is okay you and the child

? Licensed for London News Pictures. 05/11/2018. London, United Kingdom. Police have closed Whitehall in central London after a suspicious package was reported. Picture credits: Rob Pinney / LNPWestminster reopens after suspicious package found near Whitehall

"And if someone recognizes these people, we ask them to call us immediately."

The police helicopter was carried away for the search, and witnesses reported that the environment of the shopping center "crawled" with the police.

Sussex police failed to confirm Metro.co.uk that a child was kidnapped and said there was no evidence of kidnapping on CCTV.

Currently, the little girl is thought to be wearing a pink jacket and jeans, and police are currently investigating whether the child was with her parents (photo: Eddie Mitchell).
It is asked if the child was with her parents (Image: Wiki Commons)

In a statement released on social media, the troupe said, "Hello, we're still investigating the report that the child was taken by a man outside Churchill Square today.

"NO missing children reported, Active Search is running – it may be a harmless good faith mistake."

The police are currently investigating if the child was with their parents.

The first statement by the Sussex police said, "The police are today investigating a possible child abduction outside Churchill Square in Brighton between 3:30 and 3:45 pm.

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"However, no reports of missing children and no trace of potential suspect and child were found on CCTV cameras.

"Police officers have searched the area extensively, and the police helicopter is also looking for a report that a man picked up a small child and left.

"It is also inquired whether the child was actually with the parents.

"Anyone suspicious or knowledgeable about Churchill Square and Western Road is encouraged to contact the police by calling 999 and quoting serial number 903 dated 03/11."

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