Cdiscount: take advantage of flash sales to prepare for the start of the 2021 school year

What is the date of the start of the 2021 school year? On Thursday September 2, the children will have to take over the management of the school. The opportunity for the merchant Cdiscount to offer hundreds of promotions on the shelves and products essential to your children. Whether it’s for a start to primary, college, high school or even higher education, Cdiscount has what you need. At the moment, it is possible to benefit from almost 30% discount on the Casio Graph35 + EII Python graphing calculator as well as an additional 10 euros refunded. A reduction which then brings the amount of the calculator to 54.99 euros instead of a price around 95 euros usually observed. Cdiscount’s “Back to school” department offers discounts on a selection of products for the start of kindergarten or primary. With product discounts of up to 60%. Products that remain eligible under Cdiscount’s usual sales conditions.

Back to school: direct access to good deals

What brands and supplies are available at Cdiscount?

The French leader in online commerce is also highlighting the major brands for the new season. With Pilot, Canson, Oxford and Clairefontaine. Each consumer will also be able to find a wide range of supplies with UHU glues, the famous Tipp-Ex or even BIC or Stabilo pencils. For a serene practice of mathematics, the brands Casio and Texas are also put forward via the calculators. Backpack brands like Eastpak are also at the forefront. The traditional agenda will also be there, with many variations depending on the tastes and age of your children. Note that the platform is also full of many tips. As on clothes to buy back for the start of the school year or even practical advice on how to best prepare for the start of the school year in September. To support the little ones, it is even a question of helping parents in the choice of things to take for a return to nursery.

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SCHOOL INSURANCE by Cdiscount Assurances

If Cdiscount offers products for the start of the school year, the merchant also allows you to take out school insurance. For a displayed price from 9.90 euros. Insurance offered by Floa Bank which will ensure your child in the event of an accident. Whether during lessons, during recess or during lunch in the canteen, on a school trip or even on an internship for the students concerned. Insurance that covers in particular civil liability and damage that your child could cause to others. Insurance that will also cover your child on their school trips to school or their place of training but also valid on social networks. For an unbeatable price and a simplified online subscription. Cdiscount also offers school and extracurricular insurance, with the same partner. An insurance policy that will then cover your child 24 hours a day, whether at school but also for the practice of a leisure sport activity, in a colony or even out in the mountains. Insurance also eligible for protection on social networks. To subscribe to this insurance, it will then be necessary to pay 14.90 euros instead of 15.90 euros. That is a 6% discount compared to the rate usually displayed.

These two insurances are also eligible for payment in installments if necessary, for holders of the Cdiscount card. Insurance products which remain particularly appreciated by users. In fact, out of more than twenty customer reviews, insurance by Cdiscount collects an average rating of 4.5 / 5. A rating that testifies to attractive coverage for more than affordable prices. For these 2021/2022 insurances, the two summer months are also offered. Insurance that will then cover your child (ren) until August 31, 2022.

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