CdMx metro begins delivery of a million masks for coronavirus

Mexico City /

The Metro Collective Transportation System (STC) of Mexico City began the free distribution of a million masks to users, in stations with greater influx, to avoid contagion and spread of the covid-19 coronavirus. The delivery takes place in the week in which the entity passed an orange traffic light, with which more activities have been restarted and the reopening of several spaces has been carried out.

The initial distribution includes 150 thousand masks, which takes place at different times, at the following Mexico City Metro stations: Cuatro Caminos and Tasqueña, Line 2; Green Indians, Line 3; Pantitlán, on lines 9 and A; and Constitution of 1917, on Line 8.

The STC explained that a percentage of the masks are developed by the Ministry of Education, Science, Technology and Innovation (Sectei), which is conformed by a high comfort support and support band, anti-fog film and triple layer of graphene compound, which blocks particles larger than five nanometers.

Also, transportation exhorted companies to donate masks and contribute altruistically, to meet the goal of distributing one million masks for the protection of users and workers.

Rules for traveling by Metro in the face of coronavirus

The awareness and sensitization campaign among users was also strengthened to prevent infections, through which they are issued five rules to enter and travel which are:

  1. The first It is the use of the compulsory mouth mask to enter the Metro and it must be kept on throughout the stay inside the facilities, in an adequate way, completely covering from the nose to the chin.
  2. Monday, use antibacterial gel during the journey through the Net, after holding onto the handrails and metal structures, as well as avoiding during this time, putting your hands to your face.
  3. Third, remain silent and avoid talking, singing, yelling or calling on the cell phone.
  4. QuarterIn case of coughing or sneezing, the area of ​​the nose and mouth should be covered with the internal angle of the elbow, which prevents the spreading of droplets of saliva.
  5. And the fifth, avoid eating or sharing food and drinks within the facilities, either inside the car, as well as in the access areas, arrival halls or transshipments.




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