CDU in Rhein-Berg: “We really had enough hollow phrases when we voted”

Bergisch Gladbach –

An experienced minister and a conservative young lawyer: the CDU Rhein-Berg is entering the state election campaign with two men. The constituency assembly for Bergisch Gladbach and Rösrath elected the 32-year-old family man Martin Lucke on Wednesday evening in the second ballot with a two-thirds majority as their candidate for constituency 21, after the members for the other Rhenish-Bergisch constituency two days earlier with an even larger one Majority and had already lifted Interior Minister Herbert Reul on their shield in the first ballot.

With his presentation, young politician Lucke, CDU councilor for Little Manhattan and an active member of the volunteer fire brigade, had resounding success with around 250 party members in the Bergisches Löwen. “What do you think of a competent team of young and old for our Rheinisch-Bergische Kreis?” He asked at the end of his powerful speech in the room and ended it with a play on words: “If my compass convinces you: Just courage to Lucke to have!”

Martin Lucke speechless after the election

That sat, and when the chairman of the meeting, District Vice-Chairman Maurice Winter, announced the result of the decisive second ballot at 9:55 p.m., one and a half hours after this performance, Lucke was very happy. In contrast to his introduction, he lacked the pithy words: “Yes, I will gladly accept the choice”, he said and confessed that he was “quite speechless”.

Then he thanked his four defeated competitors, two women and two men, spoke of a great time in the party candidate rounds and of the fact that the election campaign is now starting. “A candidate who has no words,” whispered an older party friend, not shaking his head, but, as far as recognizable under the FFP-2 mask, smiling benevolently.

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Martin Lucke shines in his introductory speech

Lucke had shone in the introductory speech. At the beginning he referred to 1. FC Köln. Just as the “only true first division” benefits from his new coach, the CDU also needs a convincing realignment. “We have to listen and offer our own well-founded solutions based on our Christian values,” he said. “We really had enough hollow phrases at the last election.”

The CDU needs authentic politicians. “Trust only arises when word and deed form a unity.” For him, politics is not a “bubble”: “My wife and I have experienced for ourselves what it is like not to get a daycare place.” After daycare comes school: That’s enough there is no need to distribute tablets, the teachers have to receive continuous further training, and afternoon care should not be a “depository for our children and grandchildren”.

Against the shortage of skilled workers, he recommended appreciation: “Without handcraft we would be philosophers without electricity and without a roof over our heads.” He, who grew up on the farm as a child, would have already lived sustainability when many greens had not yet known how to do it Word writes.

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In the end, Martin Lucke received 65.4 percent of the vote

Lucke almost made it under the eyes of the party leaders and MPs Hermann-Josef Tebroke and Rainer Deppe as well as the district chairman Uwe Pakendorf in the first ballot. There were 253 valid votes. Of these, Claudia Casper 61, a 32-year-old councilor from Bergisch Gladbach, and the Gladbach farmer Peter Lautz, who was born in 1958, received 24. Achim Müller (60) from Rösrath, nephew of the late constituency member Holger Müller, received 36 votes. Attorney Birgitta Wasser (58), to twelve votes. Martin Lucke already made 120, but would have needed 127.

Without further discussion and without a round of questions – which, incidentally, had not taken place after the five candidates had been introduced because nobody answered – the second ballot followed: 149 votes for Lucke, 79 for Casper. 65.4 percent, as Winter added.

Now Lucke “only” has to win the constituency. A look at earlier results shows that this will by no means be a walk in the park for the CDU in the constituency (which is predominantly urban in its populous western part).