CD&V chairman Coens calls corona “a cold”: does he (in the meantime) have a point? Or is he underestimating the virus?

Coens mainly wants to offer a solution for what heunraveling society“, but seems to compare the current omikron variant in children with a cold and to minimize it all a bit. Is that correct? Is the virus so harmless?

The truth is a little more nuanced. Children may be less bothered by it than the elderly, they can spread the coronavirus after being infected pass around to parents or grandparents who are more vulnerable.

In addition, there is still another coronavirus circulating than omikron: Delta has still not completely disappeared either. According to the latest figures released by Sciensano, the more dangerous deltavariant just under 5 percent of cases at the moment – for omikron that’s over 94 percent. With the current sky-high infection rates, there is still a lot of virus circulating.

The fifth corona wave has yet to peak. The number of infections had already risen sharply, and now hospital admissions are also increasing at an accelerated rate. On Thursday, 341 corona patients were hospitalized.