Cecília Esztergályos revealed such a vitamin cure that “the wall gives the other”

Rewrite this content Cecília Esztergályos at the Újszínház with a surprising gift was greeted on his 80th birthday. The director of the theater, György Dörner, came up with something special with his colleagues. The actress became a real adoptive parent, a beautiful one pink flamingo girl, Cecilia became his. THE Metropolitan Zoo and Botanical Garden representatives even invited the celebrant to a parents’ meeting. Cili immediately received a photo of the little beauty, his own flamingo. He even earned a great award this evening and here too the actress was impressed. The director of the theater is he hung the medal he received from the spectators around his neck Cili, and on which was engraved that a crowd favorite in 2023. The exciting paintings of Cecília Esztergályos decorate the walls of the theater for a couple of weeks, she showed them to the audience, and we asked her about her pictures, her husband, and cooking. When you create, can your husband enter the studio, or is it forbidden for anyone to disturb you? Down in the workshop, I have the top of the world. I wouldn’t even notice if it came down, I’d be immersed in work. There’s no law on what’s allowed, but that’s my world. When will she and her husband, Péter, meet like this? Maybe in the morning?… but they just run into each other at dinner? Well, if there’s dinner, but joking aside, I work a lot, I’m away a lot, but there’s always dinner. Do you cook often? Sure, always for two days. I like Hungarian food, but after a duck leg or stew, the cure comes, because I can’t stand such food anymore. He told me with great enthusiasm that he had tried it garlic cure there is something so effective that “the wall gives the other” according to Cili. You need five heads of garlic, the juice of five lemons and ginger. They can be peeled, mashed and kept in the fridge for a month. The actress consumes a small spoonful of it per day during meals, but after a month there must be a break. When did you do such a cure? It just ran out of the fridge. They also asked why there is so much energy, what makes you like being together? That’s why! He has already given away many pictures, but several of them have also been sold. Can you tell me how you determine the price of your paintings and ceramics? I usually sell in such a way that the buyer comes to my workshop and writes down a number on a piece of paper and I also write down a number on a piece of paper, if it matches, then the sale is done. I need someone who can determine exactly what my paintings are like, because I want to be world famous. (and laughs a lot) How did you celebrate your birthday, did something very surprising happen? I was locked up from morning to night, but that’s not a complaint at all, I’m rather proud and happy that I can do what I love…and if someone says to me lately that I’m asking for an aunt, I answer that your old mother is an aunt! György Dörner greets you. Photo: Ringier/ Csaba Oláh The flowers also came from the spectators. Photo: Ringier/ Csaba Oláh Cecília Esztergályos opened her exhibition. Photo: Ringier/ Csaba Oláh He also got a real flamingo. Photo: Ringier/ Csaba Oláh At the age of 80, she is such a cool woman! Photo: Ringier/ Csaba Oláh His paintings can be seen in the Újszínház. Photo: Ringier/ Csaba Oláh Cili also won the audience favorite award! Photo: Ringier/ Csaba Oláh
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