Ceferin gives a layer: “The Super League is buried … for at least 20 years”

He did not wish to comment on the possible resumption of UEFA’s disciplinary proceedings against the three mutineers – frozen last year, after an injunction from a Spanish court which has just been invalidated on appeal -, while proceedings before the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) are also underway.

We must respect the courts and wait for a final decision“, commented the jurist, who again benefited at the start of the Congress from the political support of Margeritis Schinas, the Vice-President of the European Commission, to the model “openof European football.

Asked by the Spanish courts about a possible abuse by UEFA of its “position dominante“, the CJEU should give its answer at the end of the year, potentially decisive for the organization of football in Europe but also for that of all other sports.

Confident, Aleksander Ceferin felt that UEFA was not in a position to “monopole“, therefore an infringement of European competition law, because “no one is obliged to play our competitions” et “no federation is forced to be a member of UEFA“.

They have the full right to create their own UEFA, to play their own competition. But of course, in our rules, if you play another competition you cannot play ours“, he pointed out.

However, as the mutineers had assured last year that they wanted to remain in national championships and UEFA competitions while organizing their own very lucrative confrontations, “it’s a bit of a mess, but we’ll fix it“, concluded the leader.