Celebrate Sisterhood Day with us! Who are our favorite power sisters?

Do you have a sister? So don’t forget to wish her today, because it’s Sisterhood Day! And what famous sisters do we love at ELLE? Read about them in our gallery.

If you have at least one sister, you know that sister relationships are one of the most complicated. At the same time, they are the strongest relationships of a lifetime. We’ll probably agree that when you were little, you could literally rip yourself off hair and scratch your eyes. As you get older, you will find that your childhood intolerance has turned into a strong, deep bond. Because you probably went to the same elementary school, gym, and maybe college, you have the same people around you that you either love or hate. And you and your sister are either with them or against them. Sometimes without their knowledge, but shh! In any case, that is the power of sisterhood. Children’s rivalry has turned into a bond that has a huge potential to do great things. Together. Or alone, because your biggest fan is probably your sister, who believes in you, even if you’re at the bottom.

And as proof, we selected nine sister power pairs and one power trio, which show us how big it can be when the sisters support each other. Because we celebrate today sisterhood day, write or call your sister (or all your sisters) and support her in what she does or would like and does not have such courage. In the finals, you two are the biggest inspiration for each other.


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