celebrations for 100 years of the Communist Party


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The Communist Party celebrated its 100th anniversary in China. Many performances were held at the Beijing National Stadium.

The Chinese Communist Party, created by Mao Zedong in July 1921, celebrates its 100th anniversary. Today, the current president of the country is taking advantage of the celebrations to rewrite the national narrative somewhat and address current issues, such as the fight against the coronavirus. Hundreds of artists have performed on the stage of the Bird’s Nest, Beijing’s national stadium. Choreographies to the glory of China followed one another.

From Mao’s long march to the conquest of space, the paintings follow one another, giving pride of place to the Covid-19 pandemic, which the country prides itself on having overcome. As if Beijing wanted to draw a line on the dark side of the pandemic. Currently, the country is the second economic power in the world. Its domination is displayed everywhere.

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