The third day of the feast of St. Charbel was celebrated by the representatives of the Christian denominations for the third year in a row on the altar of the Church of the Pastoral Lady and the ecumenical prayer for the Christians of Iraq and the East. The patron of the Coptic Orthodox community in Lebanon, Father Royce of Jerusalem, addressed his narrow sermons and persecutions in Iraq and Palestine, where there are living testimonies of the apostles of Jesus, Mar Peter and Mar Paul, the two greatest witnesses. He said, “The Lord will wipe away our tears when we meet him in heaven. If we do not cry on earth, how will he wipe our tears in heaven?” He said to us, “Come, my blessed ones, my father, inherit the kingdom prepared for you before the creation of the world.” On this occasion, he said: “We must continue to learn from St. Charbel, who with his struggle and his sword became a saint and became the place where he lived in a holy place. After the prayer, the participants went to the courtyard of the church to watch the village wedding, which was hosted by the town’s youth, organized by the brotherhood of St. Charbel. At 8 pm, the Mar Maroun parish choir of Tripoli celebrated an evening of religious songs mixed with Syriac and young songs, Abu Dukushto, O Saint of Manna. This evening was a reflection of the late Antoine Sarkis of the town of Bakaakfra, who spoke about Sharbel who prayed and prayed and deserved the honorary certificate of silence and prayer. In appreciation of the performance of the choir and its director Nadim Moawad, the priest of the parish priest, Milad Makhlouf, presented the ammunition of St. Charbel. The program of the night of Eid, which falls on Saturday is the following format: – One o’clock a prayer march starts from the towns of Hassroun and Ban meet on the junction of the town to go up to the statue of St. Charbel. – 7 pm The arrival of the Maronite Patriarch Cardinal Mar Bashar Boutros Al-Ra’i to celebrate the Divine Mass on the runway of the town. Lina Al – Khoury
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