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Celebrities confess their sins in the trailer for “The End”

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Sex, lies and celebrities that go to knives with each other – “The End” is a new film by the creators and producers of the hits “Underdog” and “365 days”.

“The End” will hit theaters on August 20

The seven top stars get drawn into a game that will uncover the scandalous truth.

“It’s a story about people forced to look inside themselves and face the painful truth they hide. It’s a story about the self-verification of the way they have seen themselves and the world so far. Finally, it’s a story about confessing guilt and cleansing” – says the director of the film. Tomasz Mandes.

The script is inspired by real events. Those about whom the media wrote, but also those about whom a narrow circle of insiders knew.

“I think that many stars and celebrities will see themselves on the screen. Not necessarily in the light in which they shine on the walls and in which they would like to show themselves” – announces producer Ewa Lewandowska.

In the main roles in the movie ‘The End’ we will see: Aleksandra Popławska, Tomasz Karolak, Przemysław Sadowski, Jarosław Boberek, Paulina Gałązka, Agnieszka Wielgosz and Piotr Witkowski.

“Good cinema must be bold, full of emotions and raise issues that the viewer is keenly interested in. That is why this film is exactly like that. It shows the backstage of Polish show biz. I am glad that I found actors who were not afraid to show what it really is. they have a great distance to each other and the courage to expose themselves to colleagues in the industry. This resulted in brilliant creations, such that every actor dreams of “- adds Tomasz Mandes.

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“The End” will hit theaters on August 20.

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