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Snoop Dogg recently unveiled his Million Dollar NFT Wallet, the most popular names you might think of are quickly jumping into the NFT trend. Lil Yachty influenced Safemoon’s hugely popular Moonshot. It’s hard to say, but Soulja has become a specialist in McAfee-style cryptocurrency pumping and dumping.

Celebrities at the most elite echelon fearlessly push cryptocurrencies, decentralization, and human freedom aided by fintech. Undoubtedly, his recent love and respect for a few of them has stemmed from the fact that they have helped ‘inflate’ some of his cryptocurrency holdings.

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Hate him or love him, Elon Musk was the most influential figure in the crypto space in 2021. Yes, he’s the rocket man, not even Michael Saylor and the Thousands of Bitcoins. that he regularly buys through his investment startup: Microstrategy. NSFW projects have also drawn adult content producers to the crypto space.

As if this is the first time cryptocurrency has made its way into mass consciousness, the illusion seems to have come out of nowhere! Amazing, but confusing… What could have caused this rush and how has it made a difference for the crypto community as a whole?

Flashback from a few years ago; Bitcoin was relatively stuck in the dark, despite performing much better than any other asset you can think of over the past decade. Only the most curious and financially savvy celebrities bothered to voice their take on the questionable digital asset. The dollar was the illusion, among celebrities and the rest… it probably still is.

Some of them surely moved some of their funds to bitcoin and cryptocurrency, but they hardly bothered to talk about it as much as they do today.

NBA teams offer to pay part of their players’ salaries in bitcoin, many popular racing companies and F1 racers have lucrative deals with crypto startups. Our bitcoin car didn’t win this race, but it still hit its mark. It’s not that weird to see new people joining a trend, but for a while they didn’t really care and suddenly they get involved so much that it seems strange… or rather unbelievable.


Who is your favorite crypto celebrity? For me it is definitely not Soulja Boy… hahaha. The ‘Crank dat’ host has not been such a healthy figure in the crypto space and represents everything that makes investing in cryptocurrency risky. His influence is very similar to that of many other celebrities who ventured into space during the cryptocurrency bull run in the first quarter.

Anyone who really cares would be wondering what these popular guys have contributed to the real growth of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.

Pump and emptying specialists? Remember when even tokens almost took over Binance Smart Chain? Safe, Moon, Baby, Shiba and Inu tokens. As fun as they look and work, many of them have been heralded by elite celebrities; Snoop Dogg, The Game, Faze Clan members, to name a few. Thanks to the large following that they have gained through their musical success, and otherwise, these tokens have gained enormous popularity accompanied by face-melting price moves. Thanks to automated market protocols, every purchase or sale has a tangible influence on the price.

The price went crazy easily, 10X wins were more common than ever, 100X wins and even more could come in a week. The peak of these gains was usually followed by draws of carpet and equipment which sold the majority of their holdings, leaving holders responsible for their unrecoverable losses as trade volumes dwindled as the project fell into place. darkness. . Next! “What’s the next 100X?” The reputation of the cryptocurrency could bleed, the volatility and betrayal were shown in the worst possible way. These influencers were already cashing before the storm, depending on whether they were paid in advance or in tokens.

Earn money ? For most of these celebrities, cryptocurrency is simply a way to increase their net worth or get out of bad financial situations. NFT, Challenge, meme, and passive reward coins; the rise of each of them presents a way for celebrities to get involved and earn a few bucks. Celebrities were inventing NFTs just for dollars and USDT, hehehe.

Funny how the rest of the crypto space got on your ship and paid ridiculous fees for these NFTs. Well, thousands of people have bought coins even just because a celebrity said inaudible words and mentioned the coin at the end, hehehe. Well the earnings were good for these popular guys, and they managed to keep their reputation intact and gain more followers.


Politically influenced movements? In fact, I mentioned the rapper and the pop, it’s biased! Elite politicians have also joined the movement, either against or in support of it. Most of these movements are politically motivated, as some of these politicians, in fact, are not interested in cryptocurrency, while many of them genuinely hate it, but put their weight into it to attract. the attention and support of voters.

Politicians with a genuine interest in cryptocurrencies have been outspoken long before the boom, but most of them are against … but they are sincere, at least.

Well, as long as the global awareness lasts, these celebrities haven’t been a bad influence on space. To be fair, many of them have brought cryptocurrencies closer to global adoption … very few of them anyway. Regardless of how they did it, more and more people discovered cryptocurrencies thanks to their popular accomplices and the toxic backing of certain projects.

In the truest sense of the word, long-term supporters have continued to make the greatest contributions to the positive growth of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, as new ‘converts’ continue to make their way. in the space.

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