Celebrities who are denied entry to these countries for life

Of Hollywood a Bollywood and of Tokio a Los angels, the superstars of music, movies and television are the most received figures anywhere in the world, right? Excited fans wait for them at the airport and the highest dignitaries present them with the keys to the city and even award them honorary doctorates from prestigious universities.

And it is that the visit of a celebrity not only satisfies the fans, but also elevates the country in the eyes of the world, which is capable of stimulating tourism in that area.

It is proven that when Madonna o Katy Perry offer a concert anywhere on the planet, thousands of people fly to the place regardless of distance or cost, crowding hotels, shops and restaurants, and stimulating the economy.

It can be said that the presence of a celebrity is positive in all aspects. That is why when a country denies entry to one of them, the news travels the world like wildfire. What did you do to make a nation close its doors to you? Here are the most outstanding cases.

When Chris Brown was denied entry to Canada

In February 2015, Chris Brown was forced to cancel his concerts in Canada. Just hours before taking the stage in Toronto, he was denied entry into the country by authorities due to what they euphemistically called “immigration issues.”

What problems? The famous “bad boy” of rap did not clarify it in the avalanche of tweets he sent to his fans, but without a doubt the image of a gangster that the artist cultivates “and the effect it has on youth” alarmed the authorities. And Chris couldn’t cross the border.

And for the record, this is not the first time he has been returned straight to the plane. England He also closed the doors to him due to the episode of domestic violence he committed in 2009 against his then-girlfriend, the singer Rihanna. Chris’s reaction? Perhaps to save his pride he used the old tactic of saying that he never intended to visit the UK.

In any case, the reality is that this decision by both governments sent a very clear message to artists: no matter how great they are, if they want to visit our countries, they have to obey the rules and behave appropriately.

When Miley Cyrus was banned in China and for twerking

Miley Cyrus It has also been banned… and like Chris, not once, but twice. The first occurred when China He flatly denied entry to the creator of Wrecking Ball. What was her crime? The young Ella posed with some friends for a photo in which they all appeared stretching the corners of their eyes with their fingers to create an oriental look.

The photo was posted online… and what burned was not Troy, but Shanghai! And it is that some thought that Miley made fun of the physical features of the oriental race. The Chinese government’s response was quick and forceful: “Ms. Cyrus has made it very clear that she is not a friend of China or any person of Asian origin. We are not interested in polluting the minds of our children with their American ignorance,” declared the Foreign Minister offending in turn all the citizens of the United States who had nothing to do with the matter.

Miley caused scandals in September 2014 when she was preparing to start a concert tour of Republic Dominican Republic. But before she could board the plane with her entourage, the government banned the queen of twerking, noting that with her overtly sexual performance she “tends to offend … and violate children’s rights.” “.

Beyoncé can’t enter Malaysia for this reason

Of course, Miley is not the only star who has offended the moral advisers of some countries. ¡Malaysia he pulled out the red carpet to welcome Beyoncé!

Nobody is surprised that Madonna has been banned and even excommunicated in different parts of the world, since the material diva is an agent provocateur par excellence. But? Who is stopping Queen Bey from entering?

Believe it or not, the star cannot perform in concert in Malaysia, because her stage presence is considered “too hot”. The artist, declared an official, “promotes the sexy values ​​of the Western world.”

The music video that caused this artist not to enter a country

Akon is another artist who alarmed the censors, this time from Sri Lanka. There, the government voted to keep it far from its shores. The reason? The video of your song Sexy Chick scandalized the largely Buddhist population of that country located on the Bay of Bengal. To add insult to injury, the video footage showed several scantily clad girls dancing near a Buddha statue.

Lady Gaga is banned from Malaysia

For its part, Lady Gaga had to cancel his tour Malaysia and Indonesia when she was accused of singing songs with “satanic” lyrics, such as Born this Way. But this did not surprise the universal leader of the fans.

In Malaysia, the lyrics of that song were digitally altered before being broadcast on the radio, turning it into really incomprehensible language. And it is that the authorities did not want the public to hear the singer defend her different sexual orientations.

But at least in 2014 the news was better for the star. In January of that year the Chinese government initially removed her name from her blacklist and from that moment her albums can be legally sold in that country.

Why can’t Richard Gere enter China?

But Richard Gere has not had the same luck as Lady Gaga, well China The red carpet has been removed and everything seems to indicate that the actor does not have the slightest chance of fulfilling his dream of visiting the Great Wall.

Why is he persona non grata in the land of Confucius? It’s very simple: Gere is the most famous Buddhist on the planet, after the Dalai Lamaand always expresses himself against the Chinese presence in Tibet, something that does not sit well with that government.

Brad Pitt was also banned from China…

However, Richard Gere must not lose hope. Brad Pitt He was also banned from that country due to his participation in Seven Years in Tibet (1997), a film that opposes the Chinese presence in that region.

But over the years, things cooled down and in 2014 the miracle happened. Pitt was removed from the blacklist and was finally able to visit Shanghai while he was with Angelina Jolie and his sons.

Celebrities who made rude and rude comments about other cultures

The prize “In closed mouth”. While some stars are banned for their image that is too hot or for their political position, others have their doors closed for opening their mouths without thinking about what comes out of it.

This is the case of Alec Baldwinwho during an interview on the David Letterman show made a joke in bad taste about the mail order brideswhich is what wives are called in English filipinas which, supposedly, are ordered by mail. This reached the ears of the authorities of that nation and Baldwin became a non grata star.

The other winner of that ‘prize’? Claire Daneswho angered the government of Filipinas with a comment that could only have been made under the stupefying effects of fame: “The capital of the Philippines smells like spoons,” said the star of Homeland… and she will no longer be able to visit that nation where she is definitely not welcome.

The “White Collar Criminal” Award: The Domestic Diva Martha Stewart dreamed of rubbing shoulders with British royalty, but couldn’t even set foot in London. The criminal, due to her illegal dealings in the stock market, received this explanation from the authorities: “We deny entry to the country to those people whose presence does not lead to public welfare.” And the octogenarian had to catch the next flight home.

The “undefeated champion”: rapper and hip hop artist Snoop Dogg has the dubious honor of being the most vetoed artist (so far, you have to give the new generation time). The artist was denied entry to Norway, where he tried to “sneak” marijuana under the noses of the authorities; in Australiawhere government officials closed the doors on him with this explanation: “He is not the kind of person we want in our country,” and in the Kingdom Unidoafter committing acts of vandalism in a shop at Heathrow airport.

The reaction of English phlegmatics to such an inelegant act…? Well, suffice it to say, Snoop shouldn’t expect an invitation to tea with Queen Elizabeth II.