Celebrity news: King Willem-Alexander continues to live tax-free – Panorama

Willem-Alexander, 55, Dutch King, continues to live tax-free. After a failed legislative initiative, he will not have to pay any taxes to the tax authorities in the future either. Prime Minister Mark Rutte announced that too few MPs had approved such a request. According to the constitution, the King, his wife Máxima, Crown Princess Amalia and the Queen’s mother, Princess Beatrix, do not have to pay any taxes. In October, a majority in Parliament called for the royal family’s tax exemption to be abolished. But a two-thirds majority is needed to change the constitution, i.e. 100 of the 150 MPs. According to the prime minister, only 90 MPs have now approved the application.

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Roger Federer, 41, former tennis player, gains experience as an art object. The Swiss revealed on his social media channels that he had posed for his compatriot, the artist Ugo Rondinone, for a kind of giant mobile. The installation, titled “Burn Shine Fly,” was on view in Venice in the summer of 2022 and included seven life-size, nude figures, painted blue and white, hanging from the ceiling of a church by thin threads. The artist referred to them as “flying body clouds”. Federer shared photos on Twitter showing casts being taken of his face and hands. The finished model without the cloud painting can also be seen, and the ex-athlete’s facial features are clearly visible. However, when installed, the figures were hung at a great height and the Federer model was oriented facing up, so that he remained unrecognized.

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Dwayne Johnson, 50, The Rock calls for hugging your parents tight. “Because you never know when you’re going to get that 3am call that we never want to get,” the US actor and former wrestler wrote on Instagram. His mother, he reported, was in a car accident late that evening. But “merciful angels” would have watched over her: “She will survive and will continue to be examined.”

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Patricia Kelly53, member of Kelly Family, stays on tickets. Kelly writes on Instagram that sales for her concerts have not started again after Corona – which is why she is canceling her tour. It is too high a cost to play in front of a smaller audience. The tour has just been postponed, Kelly continues. Tickets that have already been sold should remain valid.

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Sylvester Stallone, 76, American actor, wants to make it big. The action star is filming a reality series with his family called ‘The Family Stallone’. His wife Jennifer Flavin Stallone, 54, and their three daughters Sophia, 26, Sistine, 24, and Scarlet, 20, are said to be involved, as the streaming service Paramount + announced.

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Harold Faltermeyer, 70, composer, boycotts his own tribute. He was nominated for a Grammy for his film music for the cinema hit “Top Gun: Maverick”, but wants to stay away from the award ceremony, as he told the German Press Agency. Because: “So far there hasn’t been a single word from the record company or from the film distribution company Paramount, nothing personal, just a general ad. That’s weak,” says Faltermeyer. In 1986 Faltermeyer won the Grammy for the soundtrack to “Beverly Hills Cop” and a year later for “Top Gun”. The nomination for Top Gun: Maverick, again starring Hollywood star Tom Cruise, is his sixth.

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The Cookie Monster, 56, biscuit lover, advertises TV chef Steffen Henssler. “He’s really nice,” Super RTL quoted the blue “Sesame Street” monster in a message. The station is showing a new cooking show for children starring Cookie Monster and Henssler. “He’s never angry if I accidentally ate the ingredients …” the cookie monster said.