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What a bohemia in “Celebrity Shopping Queen” – in the center of the excitement: Andrea Princess of Sayn-Wittgenstein. The occurred on Sunday namely against GZSZ star Iris Mareike Steen (26) and presenter Aleksandra Bechtel (45). Theme: “Create a stylish look around velvet”.
And that task had it all. For the princess and her husband Karl-Heinz Fürst von Sayn-Wittgenstein usually live in the lap of luxury on Mallorca: their apartment, full of gold. Even the ashtray is 24 carat gold, explains the prince. Accordingly, Andreas biggest concern is the money … only 500 euros budget? How does that work? How should a princess with 500 euros budget get along? “Of course, the biggest challenge before shopping was to find a few shops where there is a reasonably normal price.” Normally, she does not even get a belt for the budget. That could be cheerful. Au weia: Press sausage breakdown at “Shopping Queen” (read more here) It was too. But not because of the money, but because of husband Karl-Heinz, who whirled like a roundabout whirled around his wife, drove them with his advice almost to white heat.
Karl-Heinz Prince of Sayn-Wittgenstein drove his wife Andrea with his tips on white heat.

Constantly intervened, the 63-year-old, put pressure, tried to implement his own ideas. “That looks great!”, Was probably the most spoken sentence on this day.
Only that the princess found the proposals of the spouse mostly anything but “cool”. When he enthusiastically handed her a short fumble and said “Put this on!”, She countered: “I’m not 15 anymore!” Sarah Lombardi reveals her love – but not to Roberto (more here) And when he explained “The fashion is cool here!”, Came from her only a “This looks terrible” – quite entertaining this duo. Udo Walz reaches for it with a haircut At the end, however, the bird shot down star hairdresser Udo Walz. The master personally conjured the princess a rocking hairstyle. At first he had to deal with his spouse Karl-Heinz again. “Make a little wilder, a little wilder!”, Sparked again in between. Walz just annoyed: “Can stop it?”
Andrea Fürstin von Sayn-Wittgenstein won the “Celebrity Shopping Queen” victory. Photo: MG RTL D / sega-foto / Sebastian Gabsch

Then the star hairdresser Andreas Berge piled up with an extra dose of hair spray to a kind of nest – and shocked Guido Maria Kretschmer so violently. “I mean, that looks really forbidden”, so his first reaction. Then he added, “That looks really bad. Since you would never come up with the idea that comes from the barber. ” Guido’s scathing verdict: “One of the worst hairstyles we’ve ever had.” But did not do anything. Because with her rocking velvet outfit, Andrea Fürstin von Sayn-Wittgenstein still clung to victory in the end.



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