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Celebrity. Vianney unveils a photo of her pregnant partner

by archyw

The singer Vianney made the news official: he will become a dad. In an Instagram post, the jury of The Voice unveiled a series of behind-the-scenes shots from his tour on Sunday.

Amongst photos of himself on stage, his fingers injured by the guitar and selfie, the 30-year-old singer posted two photos of his friends and his partner Catherine Robert. The cellist appears there with a well rounded belly under her striped shirt. “The road & its thousands of friends. How special it is this summer 21,” he said while posting the photos.

Catherine Robert is already the mother of a little girl from a previous relationship. In an interview on the show Seven to Eight, the singer, discreet about his private life, had confided: “I discovered the beauty, but also the complexity, the joys and the sorrows of loving a child who is not ours.” A relationship he tells in his song Father in law.

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