Celine Dion’s current form is terrifying. It causes great concern not only for her future career, but also for her life

This week, the Canadian singer Céline Dion surprised her fans with information announcing that she is canceling the European leg of her “Courage World Tour”, which also means that her Prague concert, postponed to March next year, will not take place again. While this news is not that surprising given her long-term illness, the singer’s appearance is much more shocking.

In the latest photos, you can see a suddenly aged, emaciated woman whose condition is clearly deteriorating. Although she herself declares that “she doesn’t give up, she works hard to regain her strength” and hopes to return to the concert stage, but unfortunately the reality is that the disease Céline suffers from is incurable. “Stiff person symptom (SPS)” is a very rare autoimmune disease of the central nervous system, and one of its manifestations is stiffness of the muscles of the trunk and limbs, causing convulsions, severe chronic pain and a whole range of other problems, which often include impaired walking. Some patients thus become so-called “human statues”. However, if this syndrome is detected in time, intensive treatment can significantly improve it, which is documented in the stories of some patients and in ours, but otherwise there is even a risk of death.

At the peak of his powers?

Given that the 55-year-old singer announced her illness last year and then planned a major tour, the European part of which was forced to be abruptly canceled this week, it seems more likely that her health is not developing favorably. For a long time, she herself tried to hide her serious problems in various ways and to explain them quite strangely.

When the media pointed out some time ago how thin and toned she was, she claimed that it was thanks to ballet. And that, on the contrary, after fifty she feels at the peak of her strength, very feminine and sexy, which of course caused a number of scathing reactions, for example, that she looks seventy and that she should stop doing ballet. She even exasperatedly called on some journalists not to take pictures of her and to leave her alone, which of course they didn’t do, believing that you can’t be a world superstar and at the same time call on those around you to leave her alone.

On the contrary, she was met with much greater understanding and expressions of sympathy and compassion when she stopped hiding her illness. Her fans from all over the world write to her praying for her health and keeping their fingers crossed that she gets better. And as for the canceled tour, they message her: “Don’t worry, Celine. We understand that.’

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