Celltrion, recorded the highest record of’Pulpal’ in the US and Europe

[에너지경제신문 여헌우 기자] Celltrion broke its record-high performance record last year, thanks to the increase in its biosimilar product market share in Europe and the United States.

Celltrion announced on the 22nd that it recorded 1,8491 trillion won in sales, 7121 billion won in operating profit, and 38.5% in operating margin last year. Compared to the previous year, sales and operating profit jumped 63.9% and 88.4%, respectively.

Celltrion explained that last year’s expansion of the biosimilar product line led to an increase in supply and improved production efficiency at the expansion facility of the first plant, which resulted in good results.

In the case of the flagship product line, in the European market, Remsima 52.8%, Truxima 38%, and Herzuma 15.9% in the third quarter of last year. In the United States, Inflectra (Remsima export name to the US) 11.8% and Truxima 19.8% as of the fourth quarter of last year.

This year, Celltrion plans to △Expand future biosimilar development △Expand global license for Corona 19 antibody treatment Rekirona △Accelerate penetration into the Remsima SC market △ Increase production through the establishment of a 3rd plant as a key promotion project.

In February of this year, Celltrion received approval from the European Commission (EC) for sale of’U Plaima (CT-P17)’, a high-concentration Humira biosimilar, and secured an additional competitive product line. In addition, CT-P16 (Avastin biosimilar), CT-P39 (Xolair biosimilar), CT-P41 (Prolia biosimilar), CT-P42 (Ilia biosimilar), which are undergoing global clinical phase 3 ), CT-P43 (Stellara biosimilar), and other subsequent biosimilar developments will be expanded to receive more than one product license every year by 2030.

Celltrion obtained conditional approval for Rekirona, a COVID-19 antibody treatment, from the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety in February this year, and plans to obtain approval within the first half of the year by proceeding with emergency use approval and conditional approval in the United States and Europe. It has completed the production of therapeutics for 100,000 domestic patients, and plans to produce 1.5 to 3 million additional patients annually depending on demand.

Celltrion is planning to build a third plant and a global biotechnology research center in earnest. The 3rd Celltrion Plant is scheduled to be completed in May 2023 and the Research Center in July 2022. The third plant is expected to start commercial production from June 2024, and upon completion, Celltrion is expected to secure a total annual output of 250,000 liters in addition to the existing 190,000 liters of plants.

An official from Celltrion said, “Even in the corona 19 pandemic situation last year, our major product lines were able to grow evenly and continue our record-high performance. This year, we are committed to global supply of Corona 19 antibody treatment and Humira biosimilar, U Plaima (CT-P17). As the follow-up biosimilar development and new supply are in full swing, we will continue to grow as a global biotechnology company.”

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