Celsia planted more than 19 thousand trees in El Espinal

Six months ago, Celsia Solar El Espinal, the first photovoltaic farm in the department of Tolima, came into operation. Due to its construction, Celsia made the commitment to plant 4,000 trees, an amount that increased significantly and exceeded it almost five times, by planting 19,160 trees, of 21 different native species, among them, samán, caracolí, pink cedar, gualanday, guayabo, ocobo and ceiba.

This planting was carried out as a compensation measure for the intervention of the 520 trees that were on the land where the farm was built. Increasing these trees by more than 36 times, he has a clear conviction: “To provide El Espinal with an ecological corridor, with species that will attract fauna, provide oxygen and help preserve the tributaries of the Magdalena River, the Espinal River and the La Pioja stream. in addition to the birth of the Los Guayabos creek.

With this great planting we also contribute to employment and link 32 people to activities, with which we can say that this has been a joint effort between the community and us, in which the protection of natural resources for future generations prevailed. ”, Said Julián Cadavid, Celsia’s transmission and distribution leader.

In 19.20 hectares of the Talura Puerto Peñol village, in the municipality of El Espinal, the installation of insulations strengthened with living fences was carried out and work was carried out to prepare the planting sites to guarantee the survival of the trees, applying fertilizers, minor elements, mycorrhizae and water retainers.

What will the monitoring and maintenance of the trees be like?

Celsia will also carry out the care, maintenance and protection of the 19,160 trees planted for three years. The objective is to ensure that favorable conditions are in place in the early stage – which is the most vulnerable – for the species to grow and adapt to the area. Likewise, those that for some reason do not reach maturity will be replaced. Likewise, permanent monitoring will be carried out to identify and measure the response of the ecosystem, and maintenance that will include activities such as:

• Fertilization: supply of a nutritional supplement to each of the planted trees.

• Cleaning and control of weeds with manual methods and scythe. • Plateo: low cut of the weed, to remove and reduce the vegetation cover.

• Irrigation: taking into account environmental conditions such as low rainfall and high temperatures in the area, water will be taken from the hydric tributaries in 1,000-liter tanks to be distributed with a stationary pump directly on the planted trees.

• Replacement: counting and replanting, if there is loss of any of the trees.

In this way, Celsia complies with the requirements given by Cortolima, the environmental authority, to compensate for the trees it removed for the construction of the Celsia Solar Espinal renewable energy plant. And it far exceeds them with the conviction of contributing with facts to the environmental improvement of the area.