CELTA – BARÇA Aspas punctures the Barça balloon

That Barça has come to suffer this season became clear in Vigo, where the Blaugrana team savored for a moment lost sensations of glory in a first part that fit like a glove to the new era of the culé team, but that it fell apart like a sugar in a second half in which Celta tied the game on a day of glory for Iago AspaYes, Barça’s executioner again. In addition, the Blaugrana team continues to leave players due to injury. In Balaídos Ansu, Eric and Nico fell.

In an institution where everything happens at the last minute, Sergi Barjuan’s team proclaimed an emergency revolution in Balaídos taking the bull by the horns and trying to solve the game with an authority that had not been seen in the Blaugrana team for a long time. But the goat pulls to the mountain and after the Blaugrana ecstasy in the first half came Celta’s in the second, which ended at the last minute, of course.

Barça came out to play in Vigo as tenth classified in LaLiga, surpassed in the table by Espanyol who had won the game that opened the day on Saturday and without knowing the victory away from home in their league outings. And also, in a field like Balaídos where more than one chestnut has been hit in recent years.

In other words, the game was much more important to the attention paid to it by a Barça fan that was more aware of Doha than of Vigo. There was a real danger that the feeling that the season was starting in fifteen days and that Balaídos was an epilogue would carry over to the players. and he will slip from paying too much attention to what has to come and not what is happening.

But far from any distraction, Sergi Barjuan’s Barça he ran over a Celta who fell apart as Iago Aspas failed only against Ter Stegen the first chance of the match in minute two. But do not trust the appearance. The game ended up making Barça too long and the Galician striker too short.

While Celta lamented, Ansu nailed the first Blaugrana goal in a play that had everything: speed, dribbling, pause and hitting. With Nico unleashed from midfield forward and Gavi in ​​the opposite direction, Barça began to have fun on the pitch for the first time in a long time. After Nico’s spectacular play, Busquets scored from outside the area in the 18th minute before Nico himself started another play that ended Memphis’s goal.

Barça were happy, but whoever writes the script for this team is absolutely twisted.

Happiness did not last ten minutes in the Blaugrana house: Ansu broke into a sprint overshadowing what looked to be a perfect afternoon for the Catalans.

Both Sergi and Coudet moved their pieces at half-time and at the entrance, Celta had a better bet and besieged the Barcelona fans at the start of the second half. The first warning came at five minutes with a goal from Galhardo, annulled by an offside of centimeters.

The Blaugrana team was not taken for granted and a minute later, Ter Stegen unfortunately ate a shot from Galán that Aspas sent to the net. From there, Celta was a roller. In fact, he scored five goals against Barça in 50 minutes (two annulled) to end up drawing on the horn against a team that ended up losing their papers and who became a loser face as pieces fell. The balloon of the Blaugrana recovery was punctured immediately before an Aspas that was resurrected at the cost of a defense and a goalkeeper who ended up shaking like a leaf. Xavi is going to have a lot of work.


Fran Beltran (45 ‘, Augusto Solari), Alex Balde (45′, Ansu Fati), Ricard Puig (58 ‘, Nico González), Franco Cervi (64 ‘, Renato Tapia), Néstor Araújo (69′, Murillo), Abdessamad Ezzalzouli (79 ‘, Pablo Páez Gavira)


0-1, 4′: Ansu Fati, 0-2, 17′: Busquets, 0-3, 33′: Depay, 1-3, 51′: Quotation marks, 2-3, 73′: Nolito, 3-3, 95′: Quotation marks


Referee: Alejandro José Hernández Hernández
VAR Referee: José Luis González González
Eric Garcia (28 ‘, Yellow) Augusto Solari (36 ‘, Yellow) Alba (44 ‘, Yellow) Renato Tapia (54 ‘, Yellow) Busquets (87 ‘, Yellow) Ter Stegen (92 ‘, Yellow) Abdessamad Ezzalzouli (94 ‘, Yellow) Frenkie De Jong (94 ‘, Yellow) Quotation marks (96 ‘, Yellow