Celtic remains intractable and knocks Loja down

Celtic de Pulianas will remain undefeated for another week. The team trained by Rafa Callejas, who adds two draws and a win in the first three days of the Senior Division of Honor, left on the road to Loja (2-0) in a Granada derby in which the Verdiblancos were clearly superior. Oscar, the goalkeeper from Loja, was the unfortunate author of the 1-0, in his own door, and Angel, of penalty near the hour of meeting, put the lace.


The Cubillas de Albolote repeated marker, which could certify the improvement shown last weekend with a triumph in front of Beginners (2-0) that allows the Alboloteños to leave the bottom of the table and place themselves in the tenth position.


Another of the positive points of the day was put by Atarfe. The green-white painting he removed the thorn of the bulky defeat in Estepona and was able to add his first victory thanks to a very serious game against Berja (1-0).

Arenas and Monachil

The one that continues without releasing the triumph locker is the Arenas. The armilleros do not manage to rebuild after the bad league start and they have prolonged the slump by drawing at home against Villacarrillo, one of the toughest teams in the category (1-1). The Monachil, in a similar situation (they share dynamics), added a valuable point thanks to the draw against Estepona (0-0).


He only lost the Maracena, so far the most fit Grenadian team. The metropolitans were surpassed by CP Almería (2-0) and they accused too much the numerical inferiority caused by Hinojo in the 57th minute.