“Celtics” owner calls Udoka’s situation worrying, the coach will also be fined – Basketball –

It has already been reported that the Boston Celtics of the National Basketball Association (NBA) have been suspended for an entire season for having an intimate relationship with one of the club’s employees and violating the rules of internal order. disqualified its head coach Imi Udoku. Joe Mazzulla has taken his place as acting head coach. “The Athletic” reported that Udoka very seriously considered leaving his position voluntarily, as he will currently be unemployed for at least a year.

President of basketball operations Brad Stevens and club owner Vic Grotzbeck commented on the situation on Friday. Both did not go into the details of why Udoka was punished with such a significant violation, but Grocbek defended the decision, including saying that the head coach will also be fined a large amount. ”I am concerned about the impact of this situation on our organization. I really hope that with this decision we will start a new page and be able to move forward to some extent. We will not go into details regarding our discussions. Such a decision seemed correct to us. It was not clear how to act, but we knew that we could not leave this situation without consequences.”

The club officials revealed that they learned about the situation a couple of weeks ago. This prompted the hiring of a law firm to conduct an independent investigation. It was concluded on Wednesday, after which the information also became public. President of Basketball Operations Stevens expressed some disappointment in what happened. ”This has been a difficult time. I believe that a lot of talented women work in our organization and the last few days have been difficult for them too. I believe that we as an organization should support them, because many people are unfairly involved in this situation.”

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The owner of the club revealed that the club’s basketball players, whose feelings were disturbing, were also informed about the seriousness of the situation. “This is not a pleasant development. I felt that the players have energy and desire to achieve great things together on the basketball court. Seeing what was demonstrated last season and knowing everything we know about them, we are sure that it will indeed be the case.”

The previous season was Im Udok’s first as the head coach of an NBA team. In his debut year with the Celtics, he reached the NBA Finals, where he lost to the Golden State Warriors in six games. The Celtics will start the new season on October 18, when they host the Philadelphia 76ers.

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