Last incomplete updates from the Kingdom of Universal Stupidity (the complete ones are monitored by special liberal associations, which we will follow, which painstakingly draw up the list of all the most recent products of art and culture prohibited, censored, silenced by old and new fanatics) .

The prestigious New Tork Times reporter Donald McNeil was fired following the lynching of his fellow squadrists for reporting a suspicious expression of “racism” in 2019 (I know, it looks like the sequel to Human Stain by Philip Roth). The faculty of an English school refuses to bear the name of Winston Churchill, the leader who symbolized the victory over Hitler. Not to be outdone and not to lose the race of idiocy, a school in San Francisco wanted to remove the name of Lincoln, the American president who abolished slavery. A Princeton lecturer eradicated any reference to the “white supremacist” Cicero from the university program: yes, Cicero. The University of Leicester has replaced medieval literature courses (with relative cancellation of the Canterbury Tales) with the more correct ones on gender.

The more traditional Kingdom of Tyranny joins the Kingdom of Universal Stupidity. In Russia, the censorship law on the so-called “anti-Russian propaganda” is made stricter to better gag books and teachers. Tunisian blogger Wajdi Mahouechi was sentenced to two years in prison for siding with Samuel Paty, the French professor beheaded for having made known the Charlie Hebdo cartoons in class. Universal Stupidity and Traditional Tyranny join hands. See you in the next updates.

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