Centenary mosque is losing its tradition due to lack of renovation

The 140-year-old traditional Panchu Bepari Mosque in Bhairab is losing its heritage due to lack of renovation. Although it was originally tin shed, the mosque was rebuilt with minarets in 1934 (1341 Bengal) with bricks, sand and cement. This mosque was not renovated even after almost 90 years.

On the surface, it can be seen that the mosque is suitable for prayers, but the inner pillars are falling open. There are cracks in the wall at some places. Because of this, the worshipers pray with fear.

Nazrul Mia, who came to the mosque, said that the hundred-year-old mosque did not have a place for prayers at one time. Now due to lack of renovation, cracks have appeared in many places of the mosque. Lime, Suraki is falling. Many do not come to the mosque because of fear. When will the mosque collapse?

Former cashier of the mosque, Mosharf Hossain said, I have served in various positions including cashier in the committee of this mosque for 60 years. There is no alternative to renovation to preserve the tradition of the hundred-year-old mosque. The train actually shook the mosque as there was a railway line next to it. Many times the meditation of the worshipers is lost in the prayers. So far no government assistance has come to renovate the mosque. In fact, the rain falls through the leak in the roof, disrupting prayers.


Harunur Rashid Bhuiyan, a local resident, said that last year, the worshipers who were sitting in Itikaaf during Ramadan had left the mosque and stayed outside due to the rain. When it rains, the inside of the mosque becomes knee-deep in water. The mosque has many places. Even if a new mosque is built if necessary, the worshipers can pray.

He also said that if the centenary mosque is not renovated soon, it will lose its heritage as well.


The current imam of the mosque, Hafez Umar Farooq, said that a person from Araisidhar union of Ashuganj upazila started the first imam in this 140-year-old mosque. Later he was an Imam of Kalikaprasad for about 60 years. Then an Imam of Feni served as Imam for 40 years. Later his son Maulana Zobayed served as Imam for 27 years. Then I joined this mosque in 2009.

He said, according to the age of the mosque, no renovation has been done so far. I haven’t seen it since I joined. Water fell through the roof inside the mosque. Cracks have appeared in many places. It is difficult for Muslims to pray. Now our demand is that the mosque should be rebuilt or renovated.


Mosharf Hossain, general secretary of the mosque committee, said that this mosque is about 140 years old. Once there was a railway colony in this mosque area. People used to travel between Ashuganj and Bhairab by ferry. There was a lot of crowd. Now that there is a railway bridge, the number of people has also decreased.

He said, since I became the general secretary, I have already renovated various broken areas of the mosque. I cannot go regularly as my house is not near the mosque. But I have taken an initiative with the locals to renovate the mosque.


Mosharraf Hossain also said that the mosque is being managed with the help of the authorities of the nearby Meghna depot and the locals. In the meantime, the archeology department has told us verbally that the mosque should not be demolished to preserve its tradition. But we also want the tradition of the hundred-year-old mosque to be maintained.

Upazila Nirbahi Officer Mohammad Sadikur Rahman Sabuj said, I was not aware of the matter. But recently I found out that there is a 140 year old mosque in Bhairab. I have not yet received any letter or application regarding the renovation of the mosque. However, with detailed information from the administration, arrangements will be made to renovate the mosque very soon.


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