Centonze finally at FC Nantes as a joker? – All football

Since the end of the transfer window, there was water in the gas between the player and the Moselle club.

Finally remained in Metz in Ligue 2 at the end of the transfer window, the right side Fabien Centonze (26 years old, 2 games in L2 this season) had a bad experience of his aborted transfer to FC Nantes and harbors a lot of resentment towards the leaders. messins.

But the situation is about to evolve favorably for Garnet. This Wednesday, the newspaper L’Equipe reveals that discussions have resumed between the two clubs and that an agreement has even been reached, a priori concerning a transfer of the former Lensois, who could sign for 4 years. in favor of the Canaries. Probably the best option for all parties…