Central Bank had to buy 7 of every 10 dollars in the market so that it would not fall


He dollar wholesaler started the stable week at $ 28.26, without variation with respect to his last quote. This Monday, the central bank (BCU) made purchases in the spot market for US $ 39.6 million within a total of US $ 57.3 million, seven out of every 10 dollars traded. So far this year, the monetary authority intervened in the market and acquired US $ 1,420.7 million in order to prevent the greenback from piercing the barrier of $ 28 per dollar. The US currency accumulates a decline of 1.77% in the first four and a half months of 2018. In turn, on the blackboard of the Republic Bank (BROU) the dollar traded at $ 27.77 for the purchase and at $ 28.77 for the sale. Read also: Copom highlighted inflation moderation and effort to sustain the dollar Outside doors The dollar weakened on Monday on expectations that US-led attacks on Syria will not escalate, which reopened appetite for stocks and other risky assets instead of safe dollar investments. Government data that showed a rebound in US retail sales in March failed to shore up the currency, which has been pressured by fears of a trade war between the United States and China, the two largest economies in the world. An index that follows the dollar against a basket of six currencies fell 0.42% to 89,426. The index had reached a two-week low of 89,355 last week. Despite an increase in interest rate spreads in their favor and the greater yield gap in almost three decades between the US and German two-year debt, the performance of the currency in recent months has been closely correlated with the Appetite fluctuations due to risk. Many major currencies quoted within a narrow range; The euro started the week around US $ 1.23, a level around which it had been traded last week. Source: With Reuters information


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