Central Lampung Deputy Regent Police Police Over Joget Without Prokes at Celebration


The Deputy Regent (Wabup) of Central Lampung, Ardito Wijaya, was reported to the Lampung Regional Police for allegedly violating health protocols while attending a party. The report was received by the police on Sunday.

The report is registered with the registration number LP/B/950/VI/2021/SPKT/POLDA LAMPUNG. The evidence for the report was provided by the Head of Public Relations of the Lampung Police, Kombes Zahwani Pandra Arsyad, Monday (28/6/2021).

“We just received reports from the public at the SPKT (Integrated Police Service Center) of the Lampung Police on Sunday, June 27, 2021, then the report will be investigated,” said Pandra when contacted.

In the report, the complainant said that on June 26, Ardito attended a wedding in Lempuyang Village. That’s where Ardito is said to have disobeyed health protocols.

“Officials whose job it is to monitor something allegedly done by the reported person at the wedding party located in Kampung Lempuyang Bandar, Central Lampung,” said the description of the incident from the report.

The reporter said that the Deputy Regent of Central Lampung deliberately caused a crowd. According to the reporter, Ardito as a public official should be an example in the implementation of the COVID-19 pandemic health protocol.

“The Reported Party as a public official intentionally caused a crowd of people without health protocols in the midst of the Covid-19 infectious disease outbreak. The Reported Party as a local government official complied and became an example for maintaining health protocols in the midst of an outbreak,” he explained.

Meanwhile, in a viral video, the Deputy Regent of Central Lampung, Ardito Wijaya, is singing while dancing on the stage. Ardito did not appear to be wearing a mask.

Under the stage there were a crowd of people following Ardito who was singing. Some residents use masks, some do not.

In another video clip, Ardito while holding a microphone walked into the middle of the crowd. He also waved to the camera.

Some people seemed to be trying to remind residents to keep their distance. But crowds are inevitable.