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CEO Jack Dorsey reveals his technique for concentrating

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Jack Dorsey confessed that it costs him a lot to stay focused for more than four hours but he devised a strategy to achieve it

After several years of planning it, in 2007, Jack Dorsey became the CEO of Twitter, one of the most famous networks, which could only be created by a misunderstood genius.

A year after bringing him to life, he was fired by his own staff, members of the board of directors, considering him unsuitable for the job and unable to resolve essential technical points. Added to that they did not like his tendency to leave work early to go to the sauna or meditate for hours.

Two years later, he created Sq. 2 to help anyone with a smartphone and a small business clear their bank card funds. In 2011, he returned to Twitter as CEO. And in 2013, Twitter went public and Dorsey became a billionaire. Two years later, Sq. Entered the stock market with a valuation of $ 2.9 billion.

The creator of Twiitter

But his return was no accident, Dorsey himself pointed out that he had to do work to establish his priorities. And make your days more productive.

“All my days are thematic. Monday is the administration. In Sq. We have a management assembly, on Twitter we have our working committee assembly. Tuesday is product, engineering and design. Wednesday is advertising and marketing, development and communications. Thursday is association and builders. Friday is corporate and tradition. It really works in 24 hour blocks. On days that start with T, I start on Twitter in the morning and then go to Sq. in the afternoon. On Sundays they are for the technique, and I do numerous job interviews. Saturdays are rest “, he said.

Apparently the theming of the days it is something widely used by executives in Silicom Valley. Steve Jobs was also recognized for making use of this technique. Mondays were devoted to government staff conferences, Wednesdays to promotion and advertising and marketing. Most afternoons were spent designing with Jony Ive. The theming of the day ensures a minimum of consistency in everyone’s workload and work topic.

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Dorsey wakes up around 6 a.m. and begins his day with an hour of meditation. He is a great defender of Vipassana method for meditation and was in several retreats of silence.

In a 2019 podcast interview with Ben Greenfield, Dorsey mentioned that the most impactful first choice she made around her psychological well-being and stress management was meditation.

After your meditation, Dorsey does a 7-minute workout, after which she goes into the sauna for about 20 minutes. On days he goes to work, he walks (it takes around 1h15 for 8 miles), and works remotely on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Jack's method

Jack’s method

Dorsey usually goes to bed at night around 11pm. Before that, do one more hour of meditation and eat. In fact, it is recognized for consuming only one meal a day. “For two years, I have only eaten dinner. I usually eat around 6:30, and eat until 8:30 or 9:00 in the morning. And then I drink some wine, usually rosé.”

In Cal Newport’s “Deep Work” book, in which he recounts the CEO’s life, the author explains: “Dorsey says that he ends the ordinary day with thirty to forty units of assembly notes that he evaluates and filters at night. the small areas between all these conferences, he believes in serendipitous availability. “I do a lot of work at standing tables, which anyone can attend,” Dorsey said.


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