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CEO of Danone renounces hat retirement

Emmanuel Faber renounces a sum of 1.2 million euros per year, and a total of 28 million. However, he retains a salary of 2.8 million euros per year. In 2018 Mr Faber paid 2.5 million euros to charities.

The World with AFP Posted today at 22h27, updated at 22h30

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Danone's CEO, Emmanuel Faber, emphasized the social responsibility of his group at the General Shareholders' Meeting on Thursday, April 25, when his retirement from his retirement hat and his retirement allowance took effect. non-competition.

"Decades of economic growth will have depleted the planet's resources before quenching our thirst for ownership, as our production-consumption model has dragged us into an economic economy. "to have" rather than "be" ", with the consequence "The unbearable concentration of wealth in the world, a real time bomb"said the boss of Danone in front of the shareholders.

To prepare for the challenges that will mark the next hundred years, Mr. Faber believes that it will be necessary in particular to fight against "The dehumanization of the economy". "Yes, we believe that there will be no market economy without social justice, that it is the only legitimate issue of globalization"he assured.

Donations to associations

Emmanuel Faber announced at the end of January that he was giving up his executive hat retreat at Danone, only to benefit from that of the group's employees, with effect from 25 April. He also waived his non-compete indemnity in case of departure. Mr. Faber waives a pension of 1.2 million euros per year, a total of 28 million, according to France Inter who says rely on the calculations of a private firm.

The boss of Danone has seen his mandate as a director renewed and the resolution concerning the approval of his remuneration in 2018, 2.8 million euros, approved at nearly 98%.

In 2018, Mr. Faber paid 2.5 million euros to charities, according to the company's reference document. He assured during the interview to France inter that he " the [faisait] every year ".

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