Cercle also wins without coach Thalhammer and is currently within two points of Racing Genk and eighth place Cercle also wins without coach Thalhammer of KV Kortrijk

Even without Dominik Thalhammer, Cercle Brugge can press to their heart’s content and achieve a result. The Austrian coach is infected at home but the engine continued to run at full speed. A pale KV Kortrijk was played from pillar to post. Scoring was initially unsuccessful, but Dino Hotic saved his team from the spot. Cercle is currently approaching two points from Racing Genk and remains a serious candidate for eighth place

No Dominik Thalhammer down the line at Cercle. The Austrian still contracted corona and is quarantined at home. Just like against Genk last year in November when Yves Vanderhaeghe had corona and in the cup match against KV Mechelen when Thalhammer was in the stands, the Serbian Austrian was allowed to do his thing. Muslic is a whirlwind and it’s an open secret that his input goes beyond the average assistant coach. Muslic is the man who counterpressing introduced to Cercle. Yves Vanderhaeghe often got it on his hips because Muslic is omnipresent and a storm along the line. It was no different against Kortrijk. Cercle played the tame fellows from pillar to post.

Eighth place and the Europe play-offs are still achievable and therefore a goal in itself. Hannes Van der Brugge was back from suspension and was looking forward to playing against his former team, who played in 4-3-3 again. Palaversa regained his place in the middle and Badamosi disappeared to the bench. It was only after half an hour that Kortrijk was able to break out carefully past Selemani for the first time, it was already Cercle that struck the clock. Kortrijk tried to get out of the pressure, but the fierce people of Bruges gave full throttle.

De Veekaa got away well when Matondo hit the post. Belhocine even thought it was time to intervene. Reynolds saw too many stars against Matondo and couldn’t get a hold of him. He siphoned Mehssatou from left to right. This young Brussels resident came mercato over from Anderlecht last winter, where he had received his training. Due to Kristof D’Haene’s injury, he now gets his chance and seems to seize it. Just like last week against Union, he also planned well against Cercle. The fact that Kortrijk reached the break without conceding goals was a miracle. Still, the guys also got a chance. And then Selemani is of course involved. The man from the Comoros often has the KVK key in his hands. Palaversa tried to finish the play but went wide.

Photo: BELGA

Pullover sweater by Vandendriessche

For the second half, Belhocine brought in Rougeaux for the swinging Reynolds. Because Mehssatou is intrinsically faster and did well against Matondo, he was allowed to stand on the right. Cercle was unable to score a field goal from the field opportunities before half-time. Early in the second half, Verboomen noticed that Vandendriessche was pulling on Daland’s jersey a little too much. So penalty kick and with a strange and risky run-up Hotic Marko Ilic didn’t stand a chance. A deserved lead but Cercle wanted and got more.

Kortrijk barely got close to Warleson, it remained very busy for Ilic’s goal. Hotic kept stirring, Radovanovic was relieved at the feet of Denkey who finally gave Cercle the deserved field goal. The match was immediately played. Cercle is currently approaching Racing Genk on two points that the derby against STVV would be better off winning tomorrow. If not, Bernd Storck threatens to miss Play-off 2 after Play-off 1, at the expense of the team he miraculously kept in 1A exactly two years ago.