Ceremony for the 20-year town twinning between Schwandorf and Sokolov

At the anniversary celebration, pictures were also given as gifts.

Image: Vladimir Meluzin / exb

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of the town twinning between Sokolov and Schwandorf, Lord Mayor Andreas Feller brought greetings and congratulations from the citizens of Schwandorf. “Actually, we wanted to do this two years ago, but the corona pandemic prevented us from doing so. Although the border closures during the pandemic made it impossible to visit each other, this did not break our bond and friendship,” says Feller.

The city of Sokolov had invited to catch up on the 20th anniversary of the town twinning. According to the press release, Mayor Feller traveled to Sokolov with a small delegation. She was warmly received there; Mayor Renata Ouhlelova personally welcomed the guests.

At the ceremony, the similarities between Schwandorf and Sokolov were highlighted, such as the open-cast coal mines, which were of great importance in both cities. Both city leaders agreed that the twinning committees are important cornerstones because they are the ‘engines’ of the twinning. They organize countless encounters for people of all ages in the cultural, sporting and educational fields. So it is not surprising that Antonin Lebeda, member of the board of the partnership committee in Sokolov, and Ernst Schober, chairman of the partnership committee in Schwandorf, were awarded the “Brückenbauer – Stavitel mostu 2012” prize and the Euregio-Egrensis prize 2019 by the Centrum Bavaria Bohemia. After the ceremonial speech by the President of the Euregio Egrensis, Frantisek Čurka, greetings were given by the chairmen of the partnership committees Mgr. Vladimír Vlček, Sokolov and Ernst Schober, Schwandorf. As an outward symbol of the partnership, the mayors exchanged small gifts. The ceremony was musically framed by the choir “La Dolce Vita” from Sokolov and H. Honzák accompanied the event on the guitar. The ceremony showed how closely both cities are connected and that this is an extremely warm connection.

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