Certain parliamentary factions will call for the expulsion of Gobzem for several sittings due to obstruction of the work of the Saeima and disrespect

Regarding the disruption of the Saeima sitting and disrespect for parliamentary colleagues by refusing to present a negative Covid-19 test, certain parliamentary factions plan to encourage the issue of excluding Aldis Gobzems (LK) from several parliamentary sittings, TV3 News reports.

The Saeima is very busy this morning – police officers, journalists, parliamentary employees. After a break of about a year, the plenary session took place again in person. In order for a deputy to work in the plenary sitting of the Saeima, one of the three things must be confirmed – vaccination against Covid-19, illness or a negative test result.

95 Saeima deputies have a Covid-19 safety certificate, which confirms vaccination or illness. Accordingly, five may attend the meeting only if they present a negative test result. One of them is Yulia Stephanenko, who put on sweaters with a call not to discriminate against students by demanding that they be vaccinated. The Covid-19 test must be paid for by Members themselves. Stephanenko does not consider this procedure normal, deputies do not have to rely on the testing capacity of a private institution.

Yulia Stephanenko, Non-attached Member

“In addition, we are not immune to a false positive test. We do not know how we can appeal this test in order to take part in the vote. The people who wrote this order in the Bureau had not imagined that in reality things were very different. “

The plenary session of the Saeima began with a speech by President Egils Levits, in which he called on the deputies to be aware of their role in overcoming the Covid-19 pandemic.

Egils Levits, President of the Republic

“Honorable Members! We cannot deprive our children of a full-fledged education for another year and our companies a full-fledged job. ”

The President also outlined the directions he wanted Members to take in addition in the last year of their term. One of them is internal security, including taking into account the hybrid war against Latvia on the part of Belarus. Protecting the state border is a priority.

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“There is an urgent need to build the border with Belarus quickly. But did we really have to come to this crisis so we could see how vulnerable it is? ” rhetorically asked the President.

The President continued: “Border guards guard the Latvian border, but is it right if they have to get from their homes to the border service, say, 30 kilometers away, and they have to buy petrol for themselves? Firefighters need to be able to operate safely in safe and modern equipment, but they drive on calls with cars manufactured during the Soviet occupation. ”

The President also stressed the need to continue reforms in the field of education and increase public funding for science, which has been neglected in budget negotiations for years.

After the first break of the Saeima sitting, problems started. The Speaker of the Parliament informed that there is a deputy in the Saeima Chamber who has not presented a security certificate or a negative test result. And the mess began.

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“It simply came to our notice then. Mrs. Mason, what are you looking at me for? ” Aldis Gobzems, a non-attached Member, was puzzled.

The technical break did not help either. Gobzem claimed that the test was negative, but that medical information about himself should not be disclosed.

“Then with your feet forward outside? Then only by force, “the deputy objected.

It didn’t come until then. The Speaker of the Parliament expressed that the work would continue on the correspondence platform e-Saeima and the deputies dispersed. Some parliamentary factions will call for Gobzem to be excluded from several sittings for obstruction of parliamentary work and disrespect.

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