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Certificates and numerous traffic jams at the start of the summer vacation

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A good 490,000 children and young people in Saxony will receive their certificates on Friday and start their summer vacation. This also marks the beginning of the peak of the traffic jam season this summer. In particular, holidaymakers who travel by car have to be very patient. The ADAC expects a significant volume of traffic and numerous traffic jams from Friday afternoon to Sunday.

“If you can, you should drive off in the off-peak times or choose a travel day during the week,” said Melanie Mikulla from the ADAC in Munich. In addition to Saxony, Bremen, Lower Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt and Thuringia as well as the south of the Netherlands are starting their holidays.

“Due to the corona, many people go on vacation in Germany. Therefore, the approaches to the local recreation areas or to the cities are also very jam-endangered,” emphasized Mikulla. In any case, there should be enough drinks, food and radio plays for children on board.

According to ADAC, Saxony has the greatest potential for congestion in the greater Dresden area. On the main route A4, several construction sites are slowing down traffic. The focus is on the section between the Nossen triangle and the Dresden-Nord triangle. Here, as on the diversion routes, patience is required.

At the start of the holiday, there are seven major construction sites in Saxony, as the federal autobahn GmbH announced on request. “In addition, there can always be day-to-day construction sites in Saxony,” explained spokesman Tino Möhring. In addition, there is the major construction site on the A 9 in the Leipzig area under the responsibility of Saxony-Anhalt. The construction site is six kilometers long between Großkugel and Leipzig-West, and 20 kilometers in the opposite direction to Bitterfeld-Wolfen.

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In any case, the students have time to travel: According to the Ministry of Culture, there should not be a classic summer school to make up for corona-related knowledge gaps. Most courses and catch-up programs start in the new school year. With the multi-million dollar funding program “Catching Up After Corona”, numerous funding and tutoring offers as well as an increase in all-day offers are planned.

You could not catch up on all arrears over the summer, said Minister of Culture Christian Piwarz of the German press agency. “You have to take your time, we mustn’t overtax the students in catching up.” After such a difficult school year for everyone involved, the summer time should primarily be used for relaxation, emphasized the CDU politician.

In the next year, the learning status should then be ascertained in order to see where there are deficits in the individual students. “It will take the whole school year 2021/22 to catch up. And maybe a little longer,” said Piwarz.

However, offers such as swimming courses could already be used during the summer holidays. The vouchers for this are currently being distributed to the students. “We are assuming that all eligible students will be holding their vouchers in their hands in the next few days,” said the Ministry of Culture.


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