Cervical Cancer Can’t be Prevented, Myth or Fact? This Doctor Says!

Sonora.ID – As is well known that many women who suffer from cervical cancer.

Cervical cancer is one of the most common types of cancer that attacks women after breast cancer.

Therefore, there are many myths about cervical cancer that are passed from one mouth to another in Indonesian society.

One of the myths about cervical cancer that is most often heard is: Cervical cancer cannot be prevented.

From a medical point of view, is this statement a fact or just a myth? Through the program Health Corner which airs on Sonora FM, dr. Santi emphasized that the statement about cervical cancer could not be prevented was myth.

“(The myth of cervical cancer) is wrong. Cervical cancer can be easily prevented,” said dr. Santi.

Through this program too, dr. Santi added that cervical cancer can be prevented by medical means through the HPV vaccine.

Prevention of Cervical Cancer with the HPV Vaccine

Cervical cancer is cancer caused by infection with the HPV virus (Human Papillomavirus).

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