Cervical cancer spies are these very common symptoms not to be ignored

Cervical cancer is one of the most common among women over 25. But what are the symptoms that may indicate the presence of the disease? Let’s find out the main signs to pay close attention to

Il cervical cancer it is the 14th most common cancer in women, with approximately 3,200 people diagnosed each year. It can affect at all ages, but is extremely rare in women under 25.

It is important to know your body, as this will help you spot any typical signs of the disease.

This type of cancer has no obvious symptoms, especially during the early stages of the disease, which is why it is good to pay attention to any suspicious symptoms and changes.

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One of the key signs are changes in vaginal discharge, in consistency, in color and above all in smell. Obviously, such a change is not always a sign of cancer, but if it occurs it is advisable to consult your doctor.

Other symptoms important are:

  • pain and discomfort during sex
  • vaginal bleeding after sex, between periods or after menopause
  • pain in the lower back or pelvis
  • severe pain in the side or back
  • constipation
  • pee or poop more than usual
  • losing bladder or bowel control
  • blood in pee
  • swelling in one or both legs
  • severe vaginal bleeding.

Detecting cancer cells by having a vaginal swab is the only way to prevent cervical cancer.

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Source: Cancer Research Uk

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