CES Awards 2022: 5 Aix Marseille start-ups ready to take off!

Las Vegas here we are again! After the cancellation due to Covid in 2021, the 2022 edition of CES will take place in the capital of Nevada in January (5 to 8). Before the high mass at the beginning of the year, the CES (Consumer electronic show) is punctuated in the previous months by the Unveiled CES (unveiled in English). The one in Paris took place on Tuesday, October 19. The meeting revealed the start-ups selected for the 2022 Innovation Awards. These trophies reward the best innovations in several dozen categories of sectors and products. The CES Awards allow the winners during the event to benefit from increased visibility, in particular within a dedicated demonstration area within the Eureka Park in Las Vegas.

Among the fifteen start-ups awarded in Paris, five come from the territory of Aix Marseille and all located in the Technopôle de l’Arbois in Aix-en-Provence, which once again demonstrates its strength in strategic sectors green and clean tech.

The NepTech company obtains a CES Innovation Award in the category “Sustainable development, eco-design and intelligent energy” for its
catamaranNepShuttle The ship, which can carry up to 150 passengers, is powered by electro-hydrogen energy. (read our full article on NepTech). Green System Automotives won in the same category for its on-board biofuel conversion device. The company, also based in the Arbois cleantech nursery, had already received two awards at CES 2020. Green System Automotives is preparing a replica of its device for boat engines and floating devices such as jet skis (read our previous information onGreen System Automotives).

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CES Awards 2022: the agritech of the fields and the city

Agrove is also no stranger to the metropolitan tech ecosystem. The company is rewarded with a “Smart City” award. Agrove designs an urban and connected culture tank that optimizes space, automates maintenance and provides information in real time. Agrove is returning to CES for the second time after a first visit in 2020 (read our article). Still in the field of agri-tech, the young Cearitis start-up obtains a “Sustainability, eco-design and intelligent energy” award for its autonomous trap called PIRA which is based on a bio-inspired repellent solution.Cearitis, incubated at the Genopole Entreprises nursery in Evry Courcouronnes (91), has been installed on the Arbois plateau since autumn 2020 (support by Provence Promotion).

At last,Chargepoly will represent Aix Marseille in the dynamic sector of low-carbon transport. Still based in Arbois, Chargepoly, which took part in the Viva Technology exhibition in Paris last June, won a CES Innovation Award in the “Vehicle intelligence and transportation” category for the stationChargepoly intended for fleets of electric vehicles.

For the trip to Las Vegas, and all the preparation beforehand, the start-ups winners of the CES Awards 2022 and the others, selected for the trip, benefit from the support of the Southern Region, the metropolitan areas of the territory and the Regional CCI. Renaud Muselier, the president of the Provence Alpes Co ^ te d’Azur region, welcomes the approach of the new edition of the CES: «this event sounds like the big comeback of international fairs in physics.
This year, the Region will support around fifteen start-ups (…). This will be an opportunity for them to reconnect with physical encounters and meet investors, clients and partners.
This is the sixth year that the Region has supported start-ups in Las Vegas.

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