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CES: these innovations that will take care of us in the future

THE PARISIAN WEEKEND. The Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, held from January 8 to 11, this year unveiled many innovations to simplify our lives. Health, mobility, leisure … The point on the connected objects of tomorrow.

TV screens that wrap in their base, helmets that help to find sleep, mirrors that give tips for hair or makeup … As every year, Las Vegas has opened a door to the future. From January 8 to 11, the American city hosted the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), the largest high-tech event in the world. In total, more than 4,500 companies – including 420 French companies, a record – presented the innovations that will find their place, tomorrow, in our daily lives. Finally, maybe. While many of them, from Walkman to smartphone, have changed our habits in the past, others have disappeared without regret, like 3D TVs or MiniDisc. At CES, it's still a world of utopias that is emerging. Here are the five great trends of the 2019 edition, which could upset our daily life.

Good nights

At a time when one French in three complains of sleep disorders, UrgoNight has imagined a helmet covered with sensors to train to emit good brain waves, those that protect sleep by disconnecting the brain from outside noise (launch in November, 500 euros).

The Dreem headband (available, 500 euros), for its part, measures the quality of your sleep and diffuse by bone conduction (your neighbor does not hear anything) relaxing sounds, meditation programs or random word sequences intended to cut off mental rumination.

Elegant case equipped with a speaker, Morphée (available, 79 euros) offers 200 sessions of meditation and sophrology to calm you down.

To try too: the Moona under-pillow and its water system that keeps the head and neck cool (launch in June, 300 euros).

For anyone who is bothered by his neighbor's snoring, QuietOn earplugs incorporate an effective noise reduction system (released in February, 180 euros).

For its part, the Californian company Ergomotion works on a bed base whose shape varies to force the sleeper to change position when he snores.

Finally, if you really can not sleep, MysteryVibe, a specialist in connected sex toys, launches Tenuto, a male model whose six vibrating motors are driven via an app (110 euros). What to look after while waiting for sleep?

Smart clothes

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The connected bra Qus is the ally of sports. (SP)

To each his costume! At CES, the most players loved the Tesla Suit. This combination is designed to increase the experience of virtual reality. Thanks to slight electric shocks, it simulates sensations on the body of the wearer when he plays.

Athletes have preferred textiles Qus, equipped with sensors that measure heart rate, breathing, amount of calories spent … No need to carry your smartphone during your jog, the data is stored in the clothing (available in the spring, 315 euros) .

Designed with health in mind, Chronolife T-shirts monitor the temperature and heart activity to prevent, for example, a heartache.

Finally, the American lingerie brand Soma has launched a connected bra that takes very precisely the measurements of the breast of women. An app then shows the Soma bra models best suited to their morphology.

Place your bets

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Wizama's SquareOne is both a touch pad and a game board. (SP)

As for games, Las Vegas is doing this year in nostalgia. Thus, the French company PixMinds revisits the pinball machines of yesteryear by replacing the course of balls with a screen that can display a multitude of different tables.

In the same spirit, the Wizama Rennais reconcile video game and board game with their console SquareOne. This touch pad works with pawns, a dice and card games, all connected. Roll the dice: the console recognizes the number and the pawns land on the screen-tray (end 2019, 400 euros).

The company Arcade1Up, which revives the terminals Space Invaders and Pac-Man of the 1980s, will launch, in the spring, miniature versions to fix on the wall (price not communicated).

The Indian Square Off, finally, offers a connected chessboard (from 320 euros). When the computer plays, the pieces slide on the board!

Home Sweet Home

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The Heatworks dishwasher uses water heated by electrolysis, so without limestone. (SP)

Tomorrow, you will pour your organic waste in the garden, in the HomeBiogas, an inflatable structure where bacteria digest your remains to produce reusable gas.

Returning from the garden, you will come across, with its GPS collar Invoxia, your cat which you can follow the wanderings on your smartphone.

After dinner, the Heatworks compact dishwasher will run silently – with electrolysis-heated water, so no limescale – while in the living room, once the film is finished, the 65-inch screen of your LG Oled Signature TV 65R9 will disappear by wrapping in its base.

In the bathroom, the mirror uReflect will warn you that you look bad: it's better to rest!

You will then sit in your Bodyfriend massage chair, a madness purchased 26 000 euros, which will knead your arms, legs, buttocks and back.

It rings the doorbell ? The connected Netatmo doorbell instantly sends the image of the person who visits you to your smartphone!

Move safely

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Designed for cyclists, the B'Safe vest incorporates sensors and an Airbag. (SP)

This year, the best innovations related to mobility are developed by French companies. Imagine … On a beautiful day, you get on your Alpha Bike, Pragma Industries' evolutionary ATV that runs on a hydrogen fuel cell.

Carefully, you took care to put on the B'Safe Airbag jacket (available in March, 650 euros). Warned by its sensors, it inflates in case of shock or fall, protecting thorax, neck and spine.

And do not forget your Cosmo helmet. With its accelerometer (99 euros), it illuminates on the rear when you brake, the light can also serve as a blinker.

The LEDs that cover the backpack Galuchon light and its straps vibrate on your shoulders to tell you when to turn (available, from 169 euros).

On arrival, your connected Digitsole soles (released in March, 149 euros) will give you data on your physical condition and on your way of pedaling.


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