César el Abusador has been involved in two bloody events in Colombia

The fight that occurred in La Picota prison, in Colombia, where an extraditable Colombian died, is at least the second act of violence that has come to light in which César Emilio Peralta (El Abusador) has been involved, during his stay in that South American country.

It is recalled that, after being arrested in Colombia in December 2019, Peralta told the Cartagena Police that he was the victim of an act of hitmen in the Colombian city of Barranquilla, but was unharmed, while his two attackers were injured.

The attack occurred on October 28. One of the hit men who was injured was captured by the Barranquilla National Police.

The Police in Cartagena pointed out that Peralta was dedicated, in addition to drug trafficking, to the sexual exploitation of women and that in the month of December (2019) he could be taking advantage of the confluence of people due to tourism for prostitution.

This Thursday, international media reported that Peralta had been involved in the death of an extraditable Colombian, an event that occurred in La Picota prison, in Colombia, where he is in prison for drug trafficking charges.

The Colombian newspaper El Tiempo indicates that the Dominican was allegedly involved in a fight in which Jaisson Elías Otero Forero was killed by a beating.

The incident occurred early Thursday, according to the official report of the National Penitentiary and Prison Institute (Inpec), which reported that Peralta is being accused in the case.

In this regard, César Emilio Peralta’s lawyer stated that his client was injured during the fight that took place in La Picota prison and that “there is a great possibility that his client was the object of an attack.”

When asked if it was real that Peralta was the object of an attack, Joaquín Pérez said: “Yes, I understand that” and added that “it is one of the things that I think the Colombian authorities are going to investigate.”

“Someone like César Peralta, especially in a prison, can be the object of hatred by people imprisoned to gain fame in terms of saying that they are the ones who killed César Peralta, we must wait for the investigation to conclude,” Pérez considered in an interview by telephone in the program 55 Minutes with Julissa Céspedes, broadcast by CDN, channel 37.



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