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Cesare Battisti at Ciampino: ‘I know I’m going to jail’. Salvini: ‘I hope not to see it’ – Chronicle

Head high, goatee, brown jacket, without handcuffs to the wrists: he got off like that from the plane that brought him back to Italy Cesare Battisti. A group of policemen surround him. The Falcon 900 of the Italian government had taken off from Santa Cruz in Bolivia, a country where the man was arrested after a 38-year-long escape from Italy. Battisti is dismounted from the Falcon 900 landed from Bolivia about 10 minutes after landing, at 11.50.

Shortly after the opening of the aircraft door, a group of seven police officers climbed onto the aircraft, while another ten officers, partly armed with machine-guns, waited at the foot of the ladder, and in a few minutes they did get off the plane.

Interior Minister Matteo Salvini and Justice Minister Alfonso Bonafede awaited the arrival of the former terrorist inside the Ciampino airport. Battisti appeared calm and never looked down as he proceeded escorted by the agents.


"Now I know I'm going to jail," said Battisti speaking with the Antiterrorism officials who welcomed him to Ciampino. The former terrorist appeared resigned and thanked for how he was treated and for the heaviest clothes supplied to him on the plane.

"I hope not to meet him closely," said Minister Salvini. "Today – he continued – I think Italy should celebrate, too late, it is a day in the name of justice, honor, common sense, Italy has rediscovered its centrality, respect and respectability. see these images everywhere, a sign of renewed trust and justice ".

The Minister of the Interior then had a "long, cordial and constructive phone call "with the President of Brazil, Bolsonaro. "I reiterated the huge thank you on behalf of 60 million Italians – explains the owner of the Viminale – for allowing us to positively close the Battisti question and we are committed to meet soon in Brazil or in Italy to strengthen the ties between our peoples, our governments and our personal friendship ".

For the Minister of Justice, Alfonso Bonafede "It is the result of an entire country, a historical result: when the Italian institutions are compact, no one stops us Today, Italy goes head-to-head, we are talking about a mass murderer who has committed serious crimes – he said – and his flight has offended the country.The moment when justice will run its course is when it will cross the door of the prison: at that point he will lose the sentence of life imprisonment".

"We have brought to justice a dangerous person who has hurt Italy and who has proved to be mocking and outrageous towards the country," he said. Chief of Police Franco Gabrielli. "I want to underline the work of our Intelligence, the Digos and the Milan police headquarters who worked together with Interpol to achieve this extraordinary result," he added.

Battisti falls into cases of life imprisonment, that is without the possibility of obtaining benefits in the execution of the sentence, at least if the conditions do not change. This was explained by the Milan attorney general Roberto Alfonso and the substitute pg Antonio Lamanna.

In a press conference, with Premier Conte and Minister Salvini, Bonafede said that Battisti has been handed over to the prison police mobile group that will not take it, as previously announced in Rebibbia, but in the prison of Oristano'.

"We are working to recover terrorists who are enjoying it around the world", said Minister Salvini.Terrorists of all political colors ?, he was asked." Yes of every political color, white, red, green ".


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