Cespleng! Shake Bananas Mixed With Honey The Efficacy Wow Really

GenPI.co – Bananas are one of the fruits that have a myriad of health benefits.

Because, the content in bananas include water (67.8 grams), energy (128 calories) and protein (0.8 grams).

In addition there are other content, namely fat (0.5 grams); carbohydrates (30.2 grams); fiber (8.1 grams); calcium (12 milligrams); phosphorus (28 milligrams); Sodium (3 milligrams); and potassium (382.0 milligrams).

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In addition, bananas also contain various minerals such as beta carotene, vitamin B complex, Vitamin C, and niacin.

To get the maximum benefit from eating bananas, one of them is processed into whipped bananas mixed with honey.

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The method is very easy, provide 2-3 bananas, then peel and put the bananas in a glass or bowl. Then beat with a spoon and mix in the honey. Serving banana whipped honey is ready to be served.

Here are the benefits of consuming banana shake mixed with honey for health.

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1. Boost immunity


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