Ceuta Government Approves Study Aid Program for Textbooks and Educational Materials

The Government of Ceuta has approved in his meeting this friday at the suggestion of the counselor Education and Culture, Carlos Rontomé, the call for the study aid program in the second cycle of Infant and compulsory education (Primary, Special and ESO) to help families with school-age children in the acquisition of textbooks and educational material required by schools by granting direct aid to all students without competitive competition.

The amount initially allocated to the call for the 2023/2024 academic year it is 2 million euros.

The value of the book checks, which will be exchangeable in ten bookstores and stationers (Ayala, Cervantes, General, Isidro, Krispi, La Casa del Papel, Mi Colegio, Olimpia, Siete Colores and Sol), will range between 90 (for students Infant) and 150 euros (for Primary and Secondary).

In the centers that combine the use of books with the use of own-made materials (CEIP Ciudad de Ceuta, Ortega y Gasset, Mare Nostrum, Príncipe Felipe, Santa Amelia and Ramón y Cajal) part of the aid will be transferred directly and Families will receive smaller amounts of aid.

The program will be implemented with the collaboration of the teaching centers dependent on the Ministry of Education and Vocational Training (MEFP) and with the assistance of the staff of the collaboration agreement between the Ministry and the Autonomous City.

The purpose of the aid is the purchase of textbooks and school supplies required by educational centers, with books as the priority. Its use for the acquisition of backpacks, school clothes or other products is not allowed. Between October and November, the Ministry of Education will ask the educational centers to verify that the beneficiary students come to class with their textbooks. Otherwise, offenders will be initiated a reimbursement and sanction file under the terms contemplated in the General Subsidies Law (up to 180 or 300 euros depending on the value of the defrauded check-book).

Collection until June 30 in schools

The check-books must be collected at the educational center where the studies will be carried out during the 2023/2024 academic year, except for those future students of the first year of ESO who finish their sixth grade studies at the CEIP, who they will receive at their school.

Each educational center will publish a calendar indicating the deadlines and courses in which the check-book must be collected. In any case, public and subsidized schools must have completed the distribution before June 30. In the case of institutes, this period is extended until September 15, since the enrollment period does not end until July 15.

There are no deadlines for the use of the check-book, but it is recommended that it be done “as soon as possible”. The ultimate goal is that all students can start the new school year in September with their textbooks.

In the case of those subsidized with a license to sell textbooks (Beatriz de Silva, La Inmaculada, San Agustín, San Daniel, Santa María Micaela and Severo Ochoa), families may choose between using the check-book in a bookstore or delivering it in the center itself.

Textbooks and compulsory school supplies purchased with the book-cheque discount will be the property of the families.

2023-05-26 10:11:46

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