ČEZ invited its clients to self-read energy in order to set more suitable backups

The increase in electricity prices from next year will already be reflected in the new advances, most of CEZ’s clients will pay capped prices. Other suppliers will also raise prices. It is not yet clear whether they will call on their customers to follow a similar procedure as ČEZ.

ČEZ, which is the largest electricity supplier in the Czech Republic with approximately 2.7 million customers, will start sending out new schedules of advances to customers in two weeks.

“In order to set the new backups as accurately as possible, it is good for customers to do a so-called self-reading of the state of the electricity meter and gas meter, no later than November 30,” said Gazdík. The company therefore started inviting clients to do so via SMS and e-mails.

ČEZ will raise electricity prices after announcing a record profit


The setting of new deposits applies to customers whose energy price lists change from the beginning of next year. The majority of ČEZ customers will pay the prices capped by the government from January. Clients pay around 300 crowns per month for electricity at the most common rates. Gas payments will remain the same, as clients with indefinite contracts pay capped prices now. The price increase does not apply to customers whose price is contractually fixed.

Other large suppliers in the Czech Republic, such as E.ON or Pražská energetika, have also announced an increase in energy prices, mainly at fixed prices. As a result, average consumers of these electricity suppliers will have their fees rise by several hundred crowns per month.

According to the suppliers, the prices for end customers will still be significantly lower than the current real market prices, which are based on the price of both commodities on the wholesale market. According to the energy companies, an ordinary household will save about 40 percent compared to the market prices of power electricity thanks to roofing.

In October, the government established the mentioned price ceilings, namely 6,000 CZK for one megawatt hour (MWh) of electricity including VAT and 3,000 CZK for one MWh of gas. Distribution fees need to be added to this. Prime Minister Petr Fiala (ODS) stated at the time that the costs of this measure would amount to around 130 billion crowns.

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