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CFL player makes play, trots beer

On the football field north of the border, they do something different. There are only three depths. The end zones are 10 meters lower. The flags are red, not yellow. And they can drink after a touchdown!

Yes drink like in alcohol. During the game.

On Saturday, the Ottawa Redblacks struck a touchdown against the Toronto Argonauts in the third quarter, a goal from Ottawa's offensive lineman Jon Gott, who cleared the way. After the ball carrier had crossed the goal line, God went to the stands and looked for something cold to drink.

Nothing better than a nice, frosty brew to celebrate. And a Canadian beer (Mill Street), no less. And there were no flags!

According to Ottawa Sun, God got the beer from his girlfriend and did not actually steal a random fan, which is good. Also for the domestic audience, the Redblacks were successful with 24-9 victories.

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