CGTUGICT beauty routine CGT STMicroelectronics Grenoble-

The CGT ST Grenoble has decided to finally focus on important subjects.
Farewell to the soporific leaflets on telework, or those as long as an endless day on the announced catastrophe of the new Collective Agreement. All these subjects which
weigh down.
To follow in the footsteps of management and its gentle benevolence, the CGT offers you
some advice to set up a real beauty routine from the morning when you wake up.
Because after following the nutritional advice of the management, it will be necessary to highlight your new wonderful complexion.
To keep a fresh and rosy complexion, nothing beats walking: the CGT encourages you to join it in the various events it organizes in the open air.
The CGT also recommends red, nothing like a beautiful vermilion red (jacket,
pants…) to energize your day.

(read the article below for more details)

Les zirritants © la CGT helps you choose your beauty routine