CH: Team meeting after the loss to the Kings

LOS ANGELES | David Savard was the first player to meet the reporters after this loss of 5 to 2. Normally there is a maximum waiting period of ten minutes. But Savard showed up in this tiny room at the Staples Center a good twenty minutes after the conclusion of the meeting. We could easily guess that there had been a meeting of the players inside the locker room of the opposing team, but we ignored the visit of Marc Bergevin at the time.

“We needed to talk to each other as a group. And that’s what we did. These are things that happen. It was time for us to chat and that’s what we did. “

– David Savard

Two wins, seven losses, 17 goals scored and 30 goals allowed. There is nothing glorious about this start of the season. Ben Chiarot, one of the leaders of this team, recognized a lack of passion.

“It takes a certain level of competition and work to win in this league and currently we are not ready to give that consistently and our results prove it. “

– Ben Chiarot

Tyler Toffoli was playing his first game against the Kings at Staples Center. In the first period, the 2014 Stanley Cup winner received a warm welcome from the meager crowd. Justin Turner, the third baseman for the Los Angeles Dodgers and friend of Toffoli, had a Habs jersey, number 73 in a box in the amphitheater. But this is not what Toffoli retained after the meeting.

” It was really good. I had great seasons in Los Angeles. I just find it unfortunate that this game is wasted by a bad effort. “

– Tyler Toffoli