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Recently, Cha Yanyue Se was put on a hot search for misusing Changsha slang and issued two apologies.

The cause of the incident was that a customer saw this kind of copy on the tea Yanyue color mug:

There are many beauties who come to Chayan to buy milk tea. If you happen to know one, you can whisper to our little friend: “I picked up a basket.”

At first glance, what does this sentence mean is to compare women to “baskets”?

This analysis is incredible. Netizens have also exploded and condemned Cha Yan Yue on the Internet, accusing it of disrespect for women:

As a milk tea brand, it actually uses insulting women for marketing?

Do you know that the main consumer group of milk tea is girls? I won’t buy its milk tea anymore!

So, what is going on here?

Using Changsha dialect to be clever and awkward

On the afternoon of the 19th, the Weibo blogger @親女文化察室 sent out screenshots of netizens’ contributions. A Changsha dialect-themed mug, a tea bag, and a copy of the tea-making method were criticized by netizens. Suspected of insulting women.

As mentioned in the previous article, “pick up the basket”.

For this reason, the editor of also asked a girl from Changsha, Hunan. Her answer to me was:

In Changsha dialect, “picking basket” is indeed Changsha slang, often used to mean “good luck”, but occasionally it also means “picking up big bargain”, but it is basically clear that “picking basket” is generally used Describe things or things, not people. (There is no derogatory meaning in Changsha dialect)

As for the netizens’ understanding of Cha Yanyue Se’s use of the term to mean “accidentally knowing a beautiful woman”, she believed that it was treating women as objects to be stared at, which meant “materialized women”. She also said that the context is different and understands the words The meaning of is also different, if you use the context of Mandarin to understand it will indeed be ambiguous.

Zhihu’s discussion on this topic is also very high. As of noon today, the topic has 1.38 million readings.

Netizens on Zhihu also had heated discussions about the copywriting of Cha Yan Yue Se. Some people think that this is discriminating against women and using women for marketing.

There are also authentic Changsha people who came forward to refute:

As a Changsha native, I didn’t understand why these words insulted women even after thinking about it?

In addition, in the pictures the blogger broke the news, in addition to the word “picking baskets”, there were also more copywritings that seemed to insult women.

On a tea bag that was exposed to improper copywriting, Cha Yanyue enlarged the first four words of “I want to drink tea for an official” and printed a “lip print” and a group of “tadpoles” next to it. The notes on “routines” under the tea bags even use phrases such as “make an appointment”, “say no with your mouth, your body is honest”, and “because of this set, you won’t spread the branches and leaves, and the ground will be unbearable.”

In addition, in the copywriting of the tea-making method, the ambiguity of “undressing” and “don’t squint YY” is used in the copywriting of the tea-making method.

On the other surrounding cup packaging box in Chayanyuese store, the word “Royal Horse” is also uncomfortable. In Cantonese, “Ma Zi” is called “girlfriend”.

Careful netizens also explained this: In ancient China, Ma Zi originally meant a urinal, but later it was extended to mean that a woman who provided special services in a brothel meant a tool for carrying man’s excrement. Therefore, the name Ma Zi is a very vulgar metaphor.

Seeing these “evidences”, netizens were not calm in an instant:

The thing that makes people extremly uncomfortable is the most uncomfortable part of tea beauty, which is clearly not related to sex.

I haven’t drunk the tea to make me look happy, but I was very angry when I saw that it was completely substituted.

As the incident gradually fermented, Cha Yanyue Se could not sit still. On the evening of the 19th, Cha Yanyue Se’s official Weibo made an apology for the sentence “picking baskets” on the theme cup of Changsha dialect.

Cha Yanyue Se apologized, saying that the creative copywriting printed on the cup was all Changsha slang, originally for the dual purpose of “wanting to be special” and promoting Changsha dialect, but did not grasp the scale, and it was not good to create one. Sentence.

At the same time, the statement of apology stated that the batch of Changsha dialect-themed mug products will be recalled immediately, and the reasons behind the incident will be carefully reflected, and work will be improved from various aspects such as creation scale, creation management, and product management.

However, netizens do not buy it.

It is believed that this statement only responds to the creation of the theme cup of Changsha dialect, avoiding the main points and not giving clear explanations on other products.

So on the 20th, Cha Yanyue Se issued another apology.

The statement stated that the above ideas were all produced between 2014 and 2015. The early brand used to expand possibilities and improperly grasped the boundaries of creation, and mistakenly used dexterity and edge-balling as creative inspiration.

After these products were launched, there were also big differences within the company. Therefore, in the follow-up self-examination and self-correction, all products with similar problems were taken off the shelf immediately. I thought of “low-key handling”, but now I know that they need to face the problem more candidly and explain it to the public.

Finally, Cha Yanyue Se expressed that I hope everyone believes that they are not malicious, and that they will create more rigorously in the future and speak more rigorously.

Many official media commented on the excessive marketing of Cha Yan Yue Se

Regarding the accusation of insulting women in tea Yanyue color advertisements, state media have also expressed their views.

People’s Daily commented:

There is nothing wrong with being creative and clever in marketing, but the bottom line must not be broken. Compliance with laws and regulations, and respect for public order and customs are both the red line and the bottom line. Any means or routines that try to challenge the bottom line of the public and break through the boundaries of humor will not only fail to add color, but will have a counterproductive effect.

The Paper also commented:

Corporate behavior is different from individual behavior. It is an organized and standardized behavior, whose purpose is to serve customers, not to offend customers. It is precisely because of this that corporate behavior should be considered more than individual behavior, taking care of different consumer groups. While making creative publicity, we must be thorough and consider the possible ambiguity and offense.

The Red Star News commentator also expressed the same view:

Advertising and even product marketing reflect the existing social landscape and gender order to a certain extent, but more advanced advertising will take the lead in breaking the solidified gender power through its own communication power, and bring consumers more ideological enlightenment and Consumer choices.

Creativity is limitless, and advertising copy cannot be confined to “gender topics” or even “female topics” as soon as you think of “creative”. The most basic bottom line is that creativity has boundaries. This boundary is to follow public order and good customs and respect every group and every individual.

Brand promotion is not an isolated case

But in fact, Cha Yan Yue is not the only brand accused of insulting women and being boycotted by the public and consumers.

Before the Spring Festival this year, station B was accused of flooding with a lot of insults to women. Among them, the main reason for the popular resistance was a Japanese anime called “Unemployed Rebirth”, which was alleged to contain elements such as pregnancy derailment, rape, Oedipus, and pedophilia, and was suspected of insulting women.

Station B issued a notice on February 7 that the fifth episode of “Unemployed Rebirth” could not be updated temporarily, and the first four episodes were temporarily removed due to technical reasons. However, the audience and many brands still insisted on the accusations, which eventually plunged station B into a huge negative spiral.

Some manufacturers have announced that they will terminate their cooperation and stop advertising on their platforms, including Sophie, UKISS Yokos, Shike Glasses and other brands. According to industry insiders, many B-site partners have announced the cessation of cooperation.

In the end, in the face of accusations from many brands, station B issued an announcement stating that it will launch a one-month special rectification action for the 2021 Spring Festival network environment. For accounts and content with serious problems and adverse effects found during the action, it will be based on the “Network Information Content Regulations on Ecological Governance and related laws and regulations shall be dealt with strictly, and shall be publicized in stages.

Time goes on. A month ago, Shenzhen Quanmian Times Technology Co., Ltd. launched a video advertisement. In the advertisement design, a young woman was followed while walking at night. The face instantly turned into a man’s face. At the same time, the video also contains the words “vomit” and the sound of vomiting.

The advertising video has aroused a lot of public opinion. It is accused of trailing women and ugly women as advertising ideas, and the content has touched the moral bottom line.

The official Weibo of Cotton Era responded on January 8 that the video was an advertising creative and only used to highlight the cleaning function of the product, and this video has been removed from the shelves.

In November 2020, a list of suspected RT-Mart women’s size recommendations was popular on the Internet. The table divided women from height and weight into thin, beautiful, rotten, sloppy, and sloppy, which attracted controversy from netizens. RT-Mart immediately apologized for this. A statement and said that a thorough investigation has been ordered.

Moving forward, in 2019, Hey Tea, which is the same beverage brand as Cha Yan Yue Se, launched an advertising copy with Durex. Using the metaphor of “419”, “Hi, remember the second date, I’m right You said’your first bite is the most precious’?”

After being scolded on the hot search, Durex official blog changed the copy to “Hi, remember the second date, I said to you, “You are my milk, nice guy?”

This shows at least one problem: there have been many incidents of brand marketing deviation in recent years.

Write at the end

The more important influence for Cha Yan Yue Se is that its brand image will be greatly reduced.

According to China Investment, “Hey Tea, Naixue, and Michelle Ice City are all valued at more than 10 billion yuan, and institutions compete for the final ticket: New tea is the end? According to the analysis in the article, in the financing race in 2020, only in the announced financing, more than 4 billion yuan of funds have poured into the new tea drinking track, and the valuation of top brands has reached the tens of billions mark.

Among them, Cha Yan Yue Se is the strongest competitor. This tea brand that has been in Changsha for 7 years has become the new city card of Changsha with its unique tea base taste, Chinese style and more affordable prices.

The reason why the tea color is so popular is also inseparable from the brand’s marketing, and the damage to the brand image means that the number of customers will also be reduced, which is not a small impact.

After all, no one wants to use vulgarity as fun, right?

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