Chairman of the USADA: most pure athletes against the restoration of RUSADA

Chairman of the American Anti-Doping Agency two-time Olympic champion in athletics Edwin Moses commented on the decision of the commission on compliance of the World Anti-Doping Agency to recommend to the WADA Executive Committee to restore the rights of the Russian Anti-Doping Agency.

"The decision of the committee caused a shock among fans and clean athletes all over the world. Everyone is in perplexity, because this is the same Russia, which until recently categorically rejected facts from the report of McLaren. RUSADA has not yet fulfilled two conditions from the road map. Despite WADA's statement, the public has not yet seen a public acknowledgment of the existence in Russia of a state system for the use and concealment of doping, and WADA officials have still not been granted access to the Moscow anti-doping laboratory for doping.

WADA chose the wrong time to restore RUSAD, as just a few athletes have called on WADA to retain the suspension of the Russian agency. So the opposite decision will outrage the fans of sports and athletes, whose confidence in pure sports has already been undermined. They need a strong WADA, which defends the interests of pure sport, and does not go against a few sports officials.

As a former sportsman and as a person who constantly communicates with athletes, I can say that they are shocked by the possible restoration of Rusada in rights. The vast majority of clean athletes oppose the restoration of RUSADA. We must ask WADA to disclose detailed reasons for reviewing this decision, "- says the words of the New York Times Moses.

On Friday, September 14, it became known that the WADA Compliance Committee recommended that the organization's executive committee remove the temporary suspension from RUSADA. On the eve of the news, the Ministry of Sport of the Russian Federation agreed to a compromise with WADA. The decision on the status of RUSADA will be made on September 20 at the WADA congress in the Seychelles.

WADA recognizes Russia. We won?! No, it's still worse than it seemed

WADA suspiciously changed the decision and is now ready to restore Russia's rights. This is a trap, and we are already inside.


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