Challenge Cup : the SU Agen with a group of “mixed” against Pau

Challenge Cup : the SU Agen with a group of “mixed” against Pau


After two days of the Challenge Cup resulted in a victory enhanced against the Italians Zebre (45-10) and a big spanking in English Gloucester (61-16), the staff of the SU Agen has decided to mobilise a group of “mixed” for the duel franco-French Group 3 on the occasion of the 3rd day with the receipt of the Section Paloise, this Friday at 20 hours Armandie.

If the first place of this group 3 and therefore a qualification for the quarter-finals of the Challenge Cup is a goal secondary to the Agenais, the coach of the three-quarters Stéphane Prosper sees two good reasons not to cheapen this competition :

” It allows you to revisit some of the players, give them game time and allow them to have a window to show that they are there, and shake up the hierarchy. And then this match is also the opportunity to redeem themselves from the last exit to Gloucester. “

The brothers Tolot tenured

If Paul Abadie, and Florian Denos have been added to the list of 41 players that are likely to evolve on the european scene, in the place of the winger Nicolas Metge (injured elbow) and the opener Thibaud Mazzoleni (selected in the France team to 7), only the scrum-half will be this Friday on the bench. The back complained of his side of a knee and has been infiltrated in the hope of being able to apply for the return match.

Behind, curiosity comes a pivotal new Rubio-Verdu, knowing that the scrum-half and striker Hugo Verdu is an opener by training and has been preferred to this position at a young Jeremy Russell to start in the centre alongside Alban Conduché. Also note the establishment of the brothers Tolot, Loris at the back and Lucas on one wing, the other wing was assigned to the versatile Valentin Saurs.

Ahead, the first line Tetrashvili-Ngauamo-Akhobadze smells of Top 14. As to Gloucester, the second line Corentin Braendlin will be captain and will form the coupling with the South-African Van der Merwe. The third line will illustrate, she is perfectly the goal of the staff’agenais : see young (Ghirard) and give game time to those who are in the Top 14 (Kotze and Qera).

note finally that if the bench is the best of the young Hopefuls of the club (Martinez, Correa, Tufele, Touchkaieff, Jegerlhener and Dubois), the centre Johann Sadie is also mobilized for the frame.

Match this Friday at 20 hours at the stadium Aldred-Armandie Agen, arbitration of Tom Foley (England).

team SU Agen

Lo. Tolot – Read. Tolot, Conduché, Russell, Saur – (o) Verdu, (m) Rubio – Kotze, Qera, Ghirard – Braendlin (cap.), Van der Merwe – Akhobadze, Ngauamo, Tetrashvili. Substitutes : Martinez, Correa, Tufele, Touchkaieff, Jegerlhener, Abadie, Dubois, Sadie.

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